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Using fasting to loose weight

Hi Everyone,

I need to loose a bit of weight. And am interested in the fasting approach -either through a shortened window of eating time and/or weekly 24hr fasts. I've always been wary of this approach because of concerns of lowering my metabolic rate even farther. However found this really interesting website -see link below -looking at people with hypothyroidism using this technique. Has any body used this approach -if so what was your experience of it? Many thanks...

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slimming world baby:D join them:D I lost 2 stone in 2 months. Try that followed by a hypothyroidism diet

I also suggest looking into C.B.D oil ;) hint;) its legal in the uk as of 2014;)

not everyone knows that. :) avoid the stuff that has formyldihide and other toxins...get the good stuff expensive yet worth it.

if you combine all those and STICK AT IT! Dont do what I did just walked off the diet and stop as symptoms will just constantly persist.

Get off gluten,soya, if you have to go grain free then go for it....some people have to opt out dairy. listen to your body on what it likes:)

rhodiola ashwaghanda with bob marley herbs:) - epic stuff :) reduces stress hormones, balances out lots of things in the body.

keep eating at least 6 meals a day EVERY DAY! SMALL BUT REGULAR:D

you need your energy levels up:)

I got a facebook group for tips on how to make your own cooking oils, cheese, rice milk, gluten free pasta, chocolate bars - your gonna be eating a lot healthier and cheaper too:D I totally understand that thyroid patients have very low energy levels. just everything in small steps love:D


another thing too - take a capful of cider vinegar x2 daily to help with stomach acid.

stop using fluoride toothpaste - horrible toxic crap that mucks up your thyroid, brain cells,bones,teeth and your guts - make your own stuff using bicarb soda and lemon juice and cider vinegar and we touch of glycerin for sweetness. Then use banana skins and use the under layer and scrub it on your teeth then press it on your teeth for 30 mins then use the lemon juice,vinegar,bicarb solution again and brush your teeth and your teeth will be gleaming white.

full body cleanse - mix half a teaspoon of bicarb with cider vinegar, lemon juice, water,a teaspoon or 2 of honey and 50 cloves of garlic with filtered water. it kills off a lot of underlying crap in your guts and anti cancer properties too. add a bit of chaga mushroom powder to it and you will feel a difference also!

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HI, I have been in n thyroxine for 25 years and from January to September this year I was on 5:2 diet, ie fasting twice a week. I lost 40lbs and found it to be the easiest diet I have ever done. During that time my meds have reduced from 200 to 150mcg and whilst I have been looking out for signs of under medicating I have noticed any. I don't know if the diet was the reason my meds needed to be reduced but I know how much better I feel for losing the weight. My over eating seems to have come under control and I have been maintaining my weight loss.


I'd just like to say 'well done' that is brilliant.


Me too, Whisky how wonderful well done ! x

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Don't try to lose weight quickly. Join Weigh watchers or similar. Get your monies worth ask lots of questions and specific dietary advice. Exercise. That way you'll keep it off.


Weight Watchers and the like advocate eating (small amounts) of biscuits/cakes/chocolate as treats, in other words rubbish. I agree with Whisky1956 the best form of weight control is 5/2 diet it also more healthy.


Hi Waveylines - I am very interested in fasting - for me, done sensibly, it does work. I posted this a few weeks ago and I can say it definitely makes a huge difference... bit like how people used to eat, but without a lot of carbs.

Any method requires a life long change, not a 'diet'... only to revert back again.

Best to you in your endeavours! Very interesting article, thank you.


Thanks Linda .Your post makes a very interesting read. A friend of mine has been using this protocol ( reading your post made me realise) and has lost 36lbs in the last 6 months. Interestingly enough her thyroid blood tests were showing up as borderline and over . However since this diet her thyroid levels have competency normalised. There is no restriction of healthy fats on her diet. She eats a lot of advocados and salmon. Bread and grains are off the diet as is most diary though she can have some hard cheese. If she has a treat then she does a couple of days of fasting then resumes this diet. She too is kept to a strict schedule of three meals per day the last being over by 6pm. Drinks are tea coffe at end of meals otherwise water only -no herbal teas inbetween meals. Occasionally she breaks this rule if she does get a craving but says it's a rare occurrence and is more due to not eating properly. She is allowed two pieces of fruit per day at the end of her meal.

I am finding this fascinating and think I need to sit down and get this planned and set up.


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Thank you waveylines - I am sorry that this is so long, but try to pick the bones out of it.

As stated - the 'Leptin guy', Bryon J Richards (Certified Clinical Nutritionist, now sadly deceased) came my way in his book 'Mastering Leptin', first published 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 - I got the second edition because I couldn't lose weight, no matter what I did. What he was saying made sense because by that time I was being really, really sensible, eating well, with all of the right foods [a shock to the system because I used to be someone who could literally eat/drink anything]. It was especially the TIMING of eating that struck me as something worth looking at, given the introduction of 'snacking' from the USA to over here... 'snacks' were showing up everywhere as something to fit in to your day. Great for business but not for people, especially children, first obese American kids, then here! I didn't really read this book.

Somehow I got to recognise that hormones had sabotaged my body... I actually knew nothing about the thyroid, no clue [couple of family members - both sides - one hypothyroid in mid 50's, 8 stone wearing wet clothes, other slightly hyper, same weight]. Virtually all of the rest of my family on one side had bizarrely become obese ONLY WELL INTO ADULTHOOD (it has since become so clear they were hypothyroid... signs/symptoms are so obvious once you see them). I was fine until it got me: it was abominable stress, stress that would have put a Buddhist monk in a straight jacket! ;-) I had heard about cortisol and its effect re prolonged stress but even in 2003, when that 8 year stress period was over, still nothing I did would shift weight. I had never been overweight... so for some of those people out there, who think(?) it simply couldn't happen to them... think again. I fast walked/sprinted 5 days a week for 30 mins and changed my diet beyond recognition but nothing changed. I then became so ill 2006/7 that I couldn't even read the Leptin book, let alone think to implement anything [crawling out of bed, sitting slumped in a chair, going back to bed]... I had to give up my work, give up everything and no doctor would listen to a word of it and they still aren't to date.

But by 2008/9 - having been told by two professors of endocrinology that I was 'in range' and not hypothyroid, did I somehow muster something from within me to drag myself back to life ( I seem to have something akin to 'remissions', always OK in Summer). I was able to join a gym [weights, not lots of cardio] and revamped my eating habits even further... all good, fresh food. Still nothing happened. Few pounds lost went back on when I got cold in winter. I recall half-laughing, telling my husband that once really low temps, I make my way to cupboards, opening doors, looking, searching, 'as if' a bear before going into hibernation... seriously, that's how it seemed. I didn't succumb to that but my hormones had me go through the motions of 'searching out food'. Low temps finish me even now! Will docs listen? No.

By Feb 2010 Dr S very easily diagnosed hypothyroidism - as I've said, "An optically challenged man on that proverbial galloping horse couldn't have failed to do so"... I have before and during worst of illness pics which resemble those of 100+ years ago; the slumped posture, dead eyes all of the crumpled, puffed features of a seriously hypothyroid person. Under Dr S, I started T4, no good except for a huge 'mood hit' then toxic and ill [clearly I did not need T4 alone]. Armour Thyroid must have had enough T3 to lift me out of the worst of hypothyroidism... buy still not able to lose weight. Gym going great, food great... even when hypothyroidism treated... still no weight loss.

Dr P May 2010: I went to see him on one of his regional clinics for supplement advice. He also readily diagnosed hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency [said one of the worst heel reflexes he'd seen]. He suggested T3 alone but I don't like taking any of this stuff (stopped taking the pill in my mid-30's and would never take HRT). I now say to people, "These are hormone, not meds!", due to medics and their penchant for implying that our minds are somehow in question!

It was only in 2011, when another seriously stressful event occurred did I balloon up even further [2 stone in three months... no changes to anything else, bearing in mind that a size 14 was 'fat' to my former self!]; only then did I hunt out the Leptin book. It worked, immediately - that extra weight went in months but winter came, taking my temps right down again. I let it slip because winter takes me down and it takes everything I have just to 'get by and survive' when freezing cold.

So, for all of those years of doing the very best I could [£40 per hour personal trainers, lost of gym sessions, the best food I could eat], despite my being highly motivated, nothing at all changed my weight. Armour stopped working in the winter of 2012... 2 1/2 good years so I bit the bullet and began Cynomel, Dec 2012. Now if anything was going to raise my metabolism, surely T3 would? Nope. Still no change to weight but for medics its 'Calories In-Calories Out', fools!

Improvement with Cynomel until Dec 2014, when I went down huge time... I thought I was finished, this time. in a room 25.9C, with layers of clothes, thermals and all wrapped up in a hot room, plus an under and over blanket in bed... also thermals in bed and socks. I have hypothyroidism and hypothermia NOT hypochondria, otherwise I would not be able to tolerate these strong thyroid hormones and my temperature, often 34.5C, would be normal! No amount of thyroid testing can defeat those assertions. That docs won't entertain this, says way more about them. Being 'freezing, uncoordinated and punch drunk' went on from end Dec 2014 until end June 2015, yet still taking my adrenal support and T3, even adding some Armour in... I was desperate and with only myself to rely on - unable to exercise.

So, to finish this sorry tale... we had a bad summer this year and I didn't 'come 'round' from the cold until end June 2015. I had asked to see yet another endo [you guessed it, I'm now not hypothyroid at all!] but frighteningly, my HbA1c was 71 [no ranges given] but I know that this is well into diabetes. Previously, likely given my exercise and good eating, I teetered around pre and borderline, sometimes flipping a little over - BECAUSE I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT - so this time, I got out the Leptin book. Oh it works alright. I will not take their meds, the side effects can be appalling and they don't address the actual issue [often as T4 does not for many of the hypothyroids out there]. Within just over 4 months, my HbA1c dropped to 39 [under 42 is being non-diabetic] from that terrifying, whopping 71. Leptin control!

I still eat full fat diary, very small berry intake but like your friend everything else is like her regime. Leptin is indeed a 'Master Hormone' and getting that sorted, whips ghrelin into shape [not feeling hungry - 'the bear in the cupboard'] and clearly insulin got whipped into shape too. I am now, sitting here freezing, worry about what might happen next... so, if this can work for me, with a 35 lb drop in 4 months (after all of that time, effort and ££ of pretty much zero loss), it can work for most people. I have left in dairy and a tiny amount of fruit to leave me something to omit [don't omit until you have to, or you'll have nowhere else to go when you, inevitably, plateau], then remember that other strategies can also be implemented. Keep in mind: not too much food reduction; rather on 2 days a week do two meals but with only 10% reduction in food intake.

Sorry this is so long, I clearly suffered cognitively during the stress times [nothing medicine could do about that... the psych garbage they dish out to people is verging on the criminal] BUT the 'punch drunk-uncoordinated' times, medicine needed to investigate, not leave me struggling for so long, ill as a dog but ludicrous 'ranges' deciding people's lives. So now, I can't precis to save my life :-) Give it a go, don't cut down too much on food - hiding to nowhere - change the food and stick to those timings.

Best of luck to you and anyone trying to get back to good health.

Be well! x


Thanks Linda. You have had such a tough time my heart goes out to you -good for you for fighting back!! The NDT am in is WP Thyroid and has natural fillers in it -have found it the best NDT for me ever. My uptake has been great on it though the multiple meds have had over the last year has really messed with that sadly.

I also used to see Dr Sc& saw Dr P as a one off many moons ago. If you get a moment look at my post further down.

Yes yes yes I think you have it right and am really interested. Both to hear what has happened to you and to my friend. I know it's not a quantity issue and I know the food I eat is not far out -though I do need to cut the carbs down as have till included the grains first thing -wrong as I clearly don't need them. So something else is needed. And the leptin issues interests me. I don't want to do anything too drastic but your protocol seems balanced and frankly leaving a 14hour window over night is not heard for me -am more or less doing that already. But not the 5 hours between meals during the day. So yes ready to try it....what's to loose?

What is the book called that you read?

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Just sorry its so long wavey, ah thanks but I'm as tough as the oldest boots on the planet [not really, soft as anything deep down]. Advocating for M H service users... you get to see the world and many prejudices at its very worst. When up against injustice, authoritarianism... I'm like a drunk on the last Glasgow bus... ding, ding, "Hey, what did you say" ;-) (Not that I've ever been on one or done that!) Those of us who can speak up must; some people can't for various reasons and that's fine too. Do the best you can, always.

Couldn't find the second edition on amazon, but this later one is likely better: Mastering Leptin: Your Guide to Permanent Weight Loss and Optimum Health, Paperback – 26 Jul 2009. He's taken Diet out of the title; its a way of life. Yes, it simply has to be timing on top of doing the right things too... this was nothing to people in the past!

The more you do this, the easier it gets; really look forward to those x3 meal times and relish the food you do have, with full knowledge that the next time isn't really far away - I LOVE THIS WAY OF EATING :-) It is easy to eat out, just miss the stuff you can't have. Really funny was a young doc who said - sorry if I'm repeating this - "But what if its 9.00 a.m. and you're hungry... can't eat until 10.00": it made me laugh when I said, "Hmm, I wait!". He's a nice guy but no one seems to wait for anything now and I didn't either.

Good you saw Drs S & P, fine men and fine doctors... no one is 100% 'right' all of the time... no such person exists, but they were human... something often lacking today :-)

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I'm a longstanding Hypo and the only way I have found to lose weight is to stop eating all the white stuff ............ sugar, flour and all associated foods, such as pasta, bread, cake, biscuits, wraps - you name it. For me carbs are a no-no, especially gluten. If I stop eating them the weight falls off. Mind you, after a recent, massive error, in which I accidentally stopped taking my T3 - I gained a stone in five months and even tho' I am back on T3 is extremely hard work to lose the damage. Nothing is working. Never be as foolish as me!


Hi: My wife has had hashimotos for about 40 years now and had always had problems with weight loss. she is just under 300lbs. Fasting and dieting never worked for her because as soon as her body weight hit 265 her metabolism kicked in and prevented her from loosing any more. There is another method that has to to do with lepton that she is on now and for the first time in her life she is loosing weight without a diet. If your interested in more info than please let me know.


Would be extremely interested as a fellow Hashimoto sufferer, am also going to ask my functional medicine guy again about leptin he was not keen before but have read some information on success with weight loss but would love to hear your journey.

Many thanks in anticipation


Thanks for all the replies 😊😊

I absolutely agree that it isn't a diet I'm seeking but a way of life. I never used to have a weight issue before the dreaded hypothyroidism struck. In those days I ate what I liked and exercised as I pleased -never gained & never had to watch my weight. I would be really interested in more info on the Leptins definately as I suspect there is hidden gem there....

I have done the usual dieting rounds over recent years. Slimming world made my skin so terribly is so incredibly low in fats. So though I lost weight I couldn't stand the effects on my skin and hair. Weight watchers drove me crazy with all the calories counting. Both systems teaches you I believe a really bad way to view food so you end up craving food they have labelled as bad for you. Very counter productive!!

I lost a lot of weight on a very low calorie diet but again it didn't teach me how to manage afterwards and it all came back on when I was on a NDT whic was causing absorption problems and I didn't know for ages.....sigh. So I like the idea of fasting, having a shortened window of eating time (seems sensible), avoiding the usual foods with addional sugar, processed food and white foods. combined with regular exercise.

I want something that is easy to implement and maintain. At least with fasting I can easily adjust it to my needs. So for example if I find my energy levels are dropping I can review the window/ frequency of fasting. It is very difficult to adjust fixed diet plans like weight watchers and slimming world.

And the Leptins sounds incredibly interesting. Isn't that about changing your brown fats? Think I read somewhere that obese people have far less brown fat then skinny people. Am sure we all know of someone who eats what they like......oh yes I WAS one of those


About 20 years ago my son was part of a group that was to do with research on Leptin at UCL Hospital, The day of testing (minimal heart, lung, glucose testing) was held at St Georges Hospital, Tooting, London. Unfortunately we were not given any results at the time and very soon after were treated (?) at our local hospital. Wish we had stayed at UCL, but my lack of treatment for UAT after sub-total for Graves left me in an unfit state to keep ion travelling to London from Essex.


Sorry for not getting back to you but most of my employment is done on the weekends. For more information on What my wife is taking I think it would be well worth your while to look up this site the product is under Leptiburn.


the single most important fat-burning hormone in your body is leptin, and it is a critically important hormone that helps control or influence practically every other weight loss hormone in your body… and can impact your ability to burn fat as a whole.

You see, when you have leptin on your side, it’s like having a secret weapon for fat loss.* When you don’t, losing even a single pound is like doing a job without all the best tools available

And here’s the reality: just about everyone is unknowingly fighting a losing battle with leptin each and every time they attempt to lose weight. With that said, it's pretty easy to see why so many folks, and perhaps you're one of them, struggle to shed their unwanted body fat, month after month, year after year.

First, in order to burn fat, your body depends on these two things:

1) High levels of leptin*

2) Highly-sensitive leptin “receptors”*

Now for the bad news (and don't worry, good news is coming)…

Anytime you go on a diet and reduce your calorie intake, leptin levels plummet and fat burning is dramatically reduced. Why? Because leptin’s main function is to protect your body against starvation, and in the midst of decreased food intake (i.e. dieting), your body unfortunately views your stored body fat as a huge asset to survival. After all, body fat provides a vast supply of stored energy and warmth, both highly-valued resources when food is in short supply.

You see, when you go on a diet, your body isn’t aware of your health. In fact, the only thing it does know is that your calorie intake is now below “normal”… and to your brain, that’s a big red flag.

The result: reduced leptin levels… which triggers decreased fat-burning.

In fact, some research has shown that leptin levels can drop by as much as 50% after just 7 days of dieting… that puts you at only 50% of your fat-burning potential just one week in to your fat loss plan, and it only gets worse with each passing day.

And if that wasn't bad enough, with every pound you do struggle to lose, leptin levels fall even further, making it even more difficult for you to continue to lose fat. Why? Because, as mentioned, in the face of calorie restriction, your body views stored body fat as an asset to survival. The more fat you lose, the more "danger" your body senses, and the harder it is to strip away that next pound.

Hello fat loss plateaus!

Now, I hate to continue to be the bearer of bad news, but the scenario I just explained is only half the problem. The other unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of people are unable to efficiently use leptin due to years of high body fat levels and a diet full of processed foods.

This simply means that even at high levels, leptin is no longer able to effectively signal fat burning to your body, dramatically decreasing its fat loss effects. That’s a pretty disheartening truth for the fat loss enthusiast, but as I alluded earlier, there is good news–scratch that, GREAT news–right around the corner.

Let me ask you this:

What if I told you there was a drop-dead simple way to support optimal leptin levels as you lose weight, while also promoting increased sensitivity to the hormone?* Is that something you might be interested in?

You see, if you could do that, you could help stoke your body’s fat loss furnance… high leptin levels help promote fat burning… in a whole new way, beyond just diet and exercise.* Can you just imagine how much more fat you'd burn if your body was no longer limiting your rate of fat loss on a daily basis?



Please think very carefully about fasting. I did the 5:2 diet for about six months. I lost some weight, but it is a physical stressor and contributed to the collapse of my adrenals. 18 months later I am still struggling to recover.

I know there is a good argument that we will have evolved to fast, and lots of evidence of fasting showing health benefits. But that is in healthy people, and we are all thyroid compromised here. That means our metabolism is disturbed, and fasting only disrupts that further. We are unable to adjust our metabolic rate to compensate for the variation in food supply, and so other systems compensate. I could never get to sleep on fasting days, in the end I could never get to sleep whether fasting or not.

The simplest fasting technique is to give up snacking!


That's interesting perspective Ruth -am so sorry to hear that the fasting made you poorly.

The snacks I ditched yonks ago....doesn't make any difference. You would have thought having increased my exercise level considerably the last two weeks there would have been a little drop in weight -nope put on a pound. Am hoping its muscle!! Sigh....


My wife just weighed herself and she is now 253lbs from 291 when she started. (YES)


Sorry for not getting back to you but most of my employment is done on the weekends. For more information on What my wife is taking I think it would be well worth your while to look up this site the product is under Leptiburn.


Muchly appreciated


Exercise won't slim you down but will make fitter. But nothing will make you slimmer if you are hypothyroid. What are your test results, and how do you feel?


Sorry Ruthi disagree, many hypothyroid people have lost weight, particularly giving up grains, sugar in any form and starchy foods. It can be done.


Hi Ruthi. Thanks for your suggestion. My hypothyroid treatment is optimised so my results show my FT4 & Ft3 at the top of the range with my TSH suppressed as usual at 0.02. However have been through some aggressive necessary treatment recently which has affected my heart so on some meds for that -hopefully temporarily. I don't know what effect they are having on my thyroid and metabolic rate as one of the meds is a beta blocker. Am aware that beta blocker is used at a much higher level then I'm taking to counter hyperthyroidism as it stops the conversion of T4 to T3. The dose for that is 160mg. Am on 16mg.

Usually exercise does slim me -it's the old adage of calories in and calories out. Also if fitter you have greater muscle mass -muscles burns more calories then fat. My previous experience has shown that exercise does help me to loose weight as it also ramps your metabolic rate up. Am finding am going to have to exercise even more and more This is why I'm interested in the fasting. Think the restricted feeding window might well help me and worth a try. Previously have found low cards good too -just allowed that to drop off whilst


OK, I am sad to say that I am more of an expert in matters slimming that I would wish! And ran a slimming club many moons ago - long before most of the modern research was done.

Exercise is unlikely to make you lose weight, but lots of it will build muscle mass instead of fat. Muscle is denser than fat, so some people will actually gain weight. The reason that you don't lose weight is that your body is very good at balancing calories in with calories out - so you just get hungrier. The risk is that your post exercise hunger drives you to the wrong foods. I am not suggesting that you should not exercise for fitness, but plan your top up food carefully.

There appears to be good evidence that fasting helps stabilise blood sugars at a healthy level - mechanism unknown. If you have blood sugar problems, even if not yet Type 2 Diabetes it might be worth a try. Even better though is a diet with few or no simple carbs - no white anything, no sugar, only low sugar fruit like berries. But the thyroid needs some carbs, and so do the adrenals, so very complex carbs like pulses and root veg (other than potatoes) are good in moderation.

There is LOTS of evidence that calorie restriction does not work in the long term. Whether you restrict calories on a regular basis, or intermittently the effect is the same. The body simply adjusts the amount of energy expended in order to hang on to its weight, and that down-regulation of metabolism tends to hang on long term. So each time you diet you end up needing even less food. PLUS there seems to be an innate tendency to try and replace lost weight/fat so that as soon as you relax your regime for whatever reason you gain weight. If you imagine that you will stick to intermittent fasting forever think again - you body will plot against that, and it will be like any other diet!

If your thyroid levels are optimal both in numbers and for you, and your diet is healthy (as in high protein, lots of leafy veg, healthy fats, low and only very complex carbs), then there will be another reason for your failure to lose weight. And your adrenals are probably the biggest suspect!

I bang on about the Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr Alan Christainson for a reason. I have been following the regime since the book came out, rather loosely to be honest, in that I do occasionally eat sweet things in the evening, and I eat bigger portions and more fat than he advocates. But I have been losing slowly, and I have not basically fallen off the wagon - just leaned out a bit far occasionally. Most amazing of all is the fact that if I lose weight for some reason - heatstroke on holiday, or being so busy for a few days that I missed meals without intending to - the weight has not piled back on with some extra for good measure. I lose roughly half a kilo a month, which means another year for me to reach my goal, but its pretty well effortless. And if I go out to dinner I eat it all. If my daughter in law makes macaroons I have some. But I don't carry on pigging out, I go easily back to the plan, and I have still lost a bit at the end of the month.


Hi Ruthi,

Thanks for the reply. Interesting but am not surprised with anything anymore. I am sure my weight problems are metabolic in nature as For over 40 years I did not have a weight problem until the hypothyroidism kicked in. I have addressed my adrenals by using the CT3M approach which has really helped.

What has set me back are two things one I had a series of bad batches of NDT and didn't know there was a problem until a long way down that road, secondly have been through a serious illness that has taken a year out of my life with treatment. Am still in recovery. During treatment my weight dropped without any effort by two stones -unfortunately it has now ballooned and am rapidly going the other way. Whether this is connected having to take a tanketto block Estrogen is probably suspicious and am sure has not helped. I currently have to take two heart medications due to the impact of treatment on my heart. One of these medications is a beta blocker. Bad news for me as I'm very aware of the impact on conversion rate of thyroid hormones when taking a beta blocker -unfortunately I have little choice at the moment. Walking is my tool for getting off the heart meds -where I live there are plenty of hills where I can gently help my heart to recover hence my choice of 10000 steps. In the meantime I need to find a way of supporting my body whilst I recover. Weight gain is extremely counter productive!!

So this is why I am reviewing my food and exercise regime. I quite agree that my body will adjust to whatever I do -fact-and therefore it is tempting to do nothing. But tha is not the answer. I know keeping my carbs and sugar intake low will help. My exercise level is not such that I come back home and grab the first thing I can to eat. The point of three steady meals per day is to avoid exactly that. Water is my buddy and frankly that is the thing I reach for on my return. You are of course correct about the body adjusting -last time I did walking I lost 30lbs just making that adjustment. Clearly this time around it is not sufficient as am gaining rapidly yet not eating more, infact more careful in what I eat. So am incredibly frustrated by what is happening.

Am afraid I do not find regimes such as slimming world etc of any help long term. Very few people maintain on those diets and frankly the cynic in me queries the motives of such organisations.

The media out there and doctors all seem to think regulating our weight is a simple affair and in truth I believed that too when I was slim. So maybe the joke is on me!!!!

Please excuse my long reply....and thankyou for reading this far if you have! Xx

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Ok Have seen an Endocrinologist (good doc on The list) yesterday. Asked about weight gain. It was explained to me that the tablet I have to take to totally block Estrogen will be causing weight gain. Lol.... It was suggested to me that the low carbs protocol was the way to go. Now I will admit I haven't been doing that so will give it a proper try. Ruthi's eating protocol might well be another way forward & I would be interested in reading the book.

Am assuming that if Estrogen is blocked the endocrine system will rely more on adrenals? Annoyingly never thought to ask the Endo this. Any one know? If so need to look after them!!

Thanks Daffyduck for the suggestion of the Leptin boosting tablets. Have looked at the contents & am afraid I can't take them due to the caffeine content. (Contrary indicated for my heart) & the tablets increase Estrogen levels in the body -must not do that for me!

Complicated issue this weight thing & just shows that different protocols suit different people!


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