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ketogenic diet

Hi all... does anyone know much about the ketogenic diet. I have been on it for 3 months sticking rigidly to it and haven't lost a kilo.. is it bad news for hypothyroidism?

Have tried every diet and until 2 years ago I always lost weight with no trouble at all but now it just won't budge.. maybe it's my age.. am now 74. I don't want to go through my twilight years looking like a big blob. I was always around 55 kgs but now am 90kgs.

Would appreciate any suggestions as what to do as it's making me soooo depressed.

thanks in advance.

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These are past posts which might be helpful.


No diet is going to work until your FT3 is optimised. Do you know your FT3 level?


I have no idea what FT3 is.. sorry, have never been told and have never needed to ask.


Well, whether or not you needed to ask is debatable. In theory, you doctor should know all about all this and make you well - including being able to lose weight, as not being able to lose weight is a hypo symptom. In practice, they know absolutely nothing about thyroid and the treatment thereof, so we, the patients, have to learn.

The thyroid makes, basically, two hormones T4 (levo, a storage hormone) and T3 (the active hormone. T4 is supposed to be converted to T3 in the body. But this doesn't always happen. So, it could be that you have high levels of T4, but low levels of T3. I briefly glanced through your past posts, but there are so many of them, I can't go through them all. Have you ever posted your blood tests results on here?

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no, I have never posted my blood test results because, although I have changed doctors many times over to try to find a good one who genuinely is interested, I have always been told my results are normal and not one of them have given me a copy of the results. I have moved from state to state and they all seem to be the same.. disinterested!


Yes, that's true, they are disinterested because they don't believe that thyroid problems are really problems. They think that they are easily 'cured' with a little white pill once a day.

We know that's not true. So, we have to get proactive. Don't wait for a doctor to give you your results, ask for them. Your doctor probably thinks that you aren't really interested, either; or that you won't understand them, because all patients are idiots. And, there are even some doctors that would prefer you don't know too much about it all, because you might just twig that he's ignorant. So, you absolutely need to ask. It's the first step on the road to recovery. :)


Hi check out Mark Sisson, marks daily apple. More than you will ever need to know, he’s had 10 year blog/website running with him as a living experiment. Some of it is in how you approach it, the fat,protein,carb proportions need to be right.


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