Latest blood test results am told normal?

Latest blood test results am told normal?

Hi can anyone make sense of my latest results! Have lost 14kg last 6 months self prescribed t3 @ 6.25 mcg /day since April 16. Feeling ok apart from normal symptoms of Hypothyroid eyes ears aches lethargy sleep etc..still working manual (carpenter) other medication = 40mcg Simvastatin 42mg Candesartan 125mg levothyroxin. Age 64.

Date 25th October 216;-

Plasma glucose level (XM0ly) 5.5mmol/L (3.2-11.1)

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  • Brightrock,

    The full blood count and glucose are all within normal range. Do you have any thyroid results so we can see whether your Levothyroxine and T3 doses are optimal?

  • Yes I do but this site won't let me post more than one picture in one posting..


  • Brightrock,

    Type them in manually or start a new post and include the new image.

  • No thyroid test there. you have to be severaly anaemic with iron deficiency anaemia or have a serious immune deficiency to have a full blood count that isn't "normal"

  • I don't understand what that means at further action is the Clinic's expression! Normal is the blood clinic. Thyroid results are for t4 only and I asked for t3 ranges and conversion.. so now I will pay for a private test as NHS obviously won't test for t3 range and conversion! Thanks for your comment.

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