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GP No Longer Prescribing T3


I have seen my GP this week, who tells me that he will no longer be prescribing my T3 and that I should contact my Endocrinologist at my local hospital.I couldn't contact him at the Endocrine Dept by phone,so thought it would be quicker to send a letter !!

Next morning I was surprised to receive a phone call from the Endocrine Department,to say that my Endo will prescribe my T3 from now on,every three months. It is a relief to know that I shall still have it,but the surgery will no longer put my prescription downstairs to the pharmacy below and now means a round trip to the hospital of 16 miles just to get my medication, because it will now be issued from the LLoyds Pharmacy at the hospital. Do we elderly people not matter any more? .....I despair !

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That is shocking ... Does the surgery know your Endo is happy to prescribe T3 ? If you have the strength I would put in a complaint to your surgery. Have they not heard of saving the planet ? I would be incensed in your shoes and no doubt there will be parking charges at the hospital too ... please let us know the outcome.


Marfit74 in reply to Marz

Good to hear from you Marz and thank you for your support.I have said to my GP how good it is that he backs out from prescribing my medication and I get all the groundwork to do to contact my Endo and set up the new arrangement.

I begin to feel that he'd be relieved if I switched to another surgery.He told me not to argue about it.I had to say I'm not arguing,just trying to un derstand what is happening!

I am starting to think it would be easier to go on NDT but worry about sources drying up if this is the way of things to come for others too.

Marz in reply to Marfit74

Yes supply is a worry for many of us. Do you have a good local MP who could help ? I would put a complaint in writing to your surgery and keep a copy.

I know you are a wonderful lady of a certain age - perhaps they need reminding too. I thought us older folk were a liability on the roads 🥰

Your GP sounds a whimp and frightened to upset his peers. The world has gone soft ! Now we have Matt Hancock saying he will save us from the Corona virus - think I would prefer to rely on VitC and read Dr Sircus !!

Marfit74 in reply to Marz

Yes you are right.My son has already told me to contact my MP.

I have just rung my surgery and explained to them what the situation now is about driving to the hospital to get my medication and she is leaving my GP a message.I actually pride myself on my driving record and have always loved driving.However, it's the principle of what they are doing that is annoying me.It seems that the older we get,the less respect we get.........we've supported our husbands ,raised our families ....job done. Now in old age when we need some consideration and support it's not there.

pennyannie in reply to Marfit74

Hello Marfit

Having been refused a trial of T3 by the NHS in 2018 I now self medicate with NDT.

There are supply problems and with much reduced options the price from Thailand has considerably increased.

Since your endocrinologist appears " to have your back " I think it better to stay put - if your endo supports NDT, that's a different story, but just think better to have some support than none.

I'm just dumb founded by the nonsensical arrangement for collection - sounds like an obstacle course or a Victor Meldrew moment !!!!

Marfit74 in reply to pennyannie

Yes. You are right about collection.Beside the drive it means parking in the hospital car park a fair distance walk to the outpatients to get to the pharmacy and a wait in reception until your number comes up and probably by then a £ 3.00 parking fee by the time you walk back again.......Where are the NHS heading?

Hibs1 in reply to Marfit74

I'm 72 and can't drive so if that was me I'd have to get taxis!

Marfit74 in reply to Hibs1

Yes, I have thought about that possible situation and will be asking what happens for patients who don't drive? You can't help but feel that you are just being used !!

Hibs1 in reply to Marfit74

Do they think of non drivers? Shocking situation for you

Marfit74 in reply to pennyannie

Oh for some more Victor Meldrew on TV !! I can do with a laugh !😂😊

Did you see the Michael Macintyre sketch when he was trying to get comfortable on his side in bed and didn't know what to do with his spare arm?

That's me every night !!😊😴

pennyannie in reply to Marfit74

No, sorry, I'm not a fan of this man, nor any current day comedians.

In fact I think I'm stuck in a bit of a time warp, liking Tony Hancock or a little more current, Bird and Fortune, and most times, the observational comments of Ricky Gervais.

Marfit74 in reply to pennyannie

Even Michael Macintyre's sense of humour is now much to be desired I agree,but that sketch did make me laugh as I'm sure we've all had the spare arm problem if we no longer have our other halves to wrap around!!........Oh dear! I can see I should only mention the interesting documentaries from now on.

I dare anyone not to love David Attenborough's wild life programmes.I certainly love being taken into places that I would never have a chance of visiting.Theyare definitely good for my thyroid .😊

pennyannie in reply to Marfit74

Hey there Marfit -

No not at all - please mention whatever you like !!

I'm sorry, and didn't mean anything other than what strikes me as funny or interesting.

Marfit74 in reply to pennyannie

I must admit that Hancock was funny .Do you remember " The Blood Doner " ?

I also can see him on a door step looking along a patio door sticking his arm and leg out looking at his reflection.My cousin and I tried it and couldn't stop laughing!!!

pennyannie in reply to Marfit74

Yes, the script was so clever and sometimes just his facial expressions were enough - it's was a joint effort that worked so well, the script writers and support actors carrying Hancock through -

I think he led a bit of a tortured life - didn't he ?

I never tried the reflection trick - but there's always tomorrow.

Your T3 must now be prescribed by an endo, but as far as I understand there is nothing in the NICE guidelines to say that prescriptions can only be collected via his hospital! My prescriptions come via the GP surgery and say on them "under the care of Dr X" [the endo] so that it is obvious it is an endo-approved prescription.

This has the added benefit that I can pick them up from my local Superdrug, where the pharmacist is knowledgeable, rather than the hospital, where you have to queue for ages and they don't give you a patient information leaflet or the use-by date ...

I would ask the endo's secretary to liaise with your GP to see if they will do the same for you - and explain the distances and inconvenience involved

Thank you so much for that.I have already been in touch with my surgery to put them in the picture and they are leaving a note for my GP.When they are back in touch with me I will see what they say and your information will be useful for me,if they don't give me an acceptable way forward.

One further thought - from my other half who was at the NICE guidelines conference last week-end with me - is that this may also be budgetry ... ie if the (very high) cost of T3 meds might come out of the GP's budget if they prescribe it and the hospital's if they do. And the GP may then be reluctant to use their budget ... So another option to consider if nothing else works is whether the hospital will post you your meds rather than you collect them in person.

Yes,I am sure this is about budget.Thank your other half for their suggestion .I will definitely follow that up.


Is there any possibility of Lloyds posting the medicine? If in England, etc.,

Marfit74 in reply to helvella

Yes, thanks for your reply Helvella.That is something I will investigate next,as I have taken it on board that not everyone drives,which would cause them problems if their GPs stopped prescribing their meds.

Marfit74 would they not , at least, send it to your nearest branch of Lloyds?

Yes that would be good ,but they are saying that because it is in the hospital that it has to be the hospital pharmacy.

I am beginning to be fed up with the whole system.

Can someone enlighten me as to what happens when a GP refuses to honour a prescription and the patient doesn't drive?

I just feel I am being used!! The more I think about it my GP would probably like to be rid of me.He can be volatile at times and I refuse to rise to that.

Marfit74 in reply to Marfit74

I think I will ask my reception tomorrow....What happens when a repeat prescription is issued in a hospital and a GP refuses to honour it because of price?

Oh that none of us needed T3 .I'm thinking of taking myself off it if he won't prescribe,and just increase my t4. He can deal with the consequences .

I asked him why is there such a thing as T3 if we don't need it.He couldn't answer that !

No ! I asked that ,but because it was prescribed on NHS in the hospital clinic the prescription has to be taken to their LLoyds Pharmacy in reception!!

You hand it in and then sit waiting for your number to come up.

There must be better ways!!

I have just had a call from my surgery to say that GP's are no longer able to prescribe T3 because of cost .I am now solely in the hands of my Endo for my Liothyronine.

I have to phone his secretary tomorrow to see what can be arranged.

I would be pleased to hear how others are getting on about this now.

So sorry that there doesn't seem to be an answer to this problem. They really are holding us to ransom over our health and should not be allowed to do this. Is this, perhaps, a problem that could be taken up with PALS? To me, this seems to be the thin end of the wedge of pushing us down the private route.

When your GP has been treating you for an underactive thyroid for 18 years then tells you that he doesn't know anything about T3and goes ahead and withdraws it from you........Oh Golly!!! I'm shattered.!( It was prescribed by my Endo and my GP was instructed to carry on prescribing it for me.)

When I tried to tell him that it is the active hormone that reaches the glands all over our bodies and our thyroids govern our metabolism,he said he didn't need a lecture .

He then raised his voice and said not to argue with him !!

I told him that I was not arguing,just trying to understand what was happening.

I really am considering what I do next! I have been a quiet patient at my surgery for around 50 years and have never crossed anyone and have always been pleasant to all who I had contact with. What's his problem?🙆🏼

My family want me to contact my MP, but I don't feel ready for anything that may involve.Hypothyroidism doesn't really prepare you for a fight

I think it would help if you were able to contact your local HealthWatch as they are beginning to be interested in what is happening in the thyroid field regarding T3.

Yes,thanks for that Janet.It sounds like a way forward.xx

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