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Iron Infusion - will this kick my Thyroxine into action and make me feel over medicated ?

My Gastroenterologist has decided to give me an iron infusion because my ferritin levels have not gone over 14 in 2 years.

As we know iron effects how the Thyroxine works and I assume because of my iron levels that full potential has not been reached.

Has anyone had an iron infusion, and did it affect the thyroid?

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Your basic thoughts seem to make sense. However, I would not expect a huge and immediate change. Both iron and thyroid tend to be slow-changing. Certainly sensible to keep asking yourself if you could possibly have become over-dosed in the time after the infusion.



I have been taking iron supplements for 7 months now as my ferritin levels where low at 12 and the more my ferritin goes up (it is now at 63) the more I have had to reduce my thyroid meds which, I assume, means that I am converting my T4 to T3 better as low ferritin can stop this process.

Moggei x

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Hi Moggie I read with interest that you have been taking iron supplement,I have been doing the same over 9 months my reading was serum folate 13.7 (range 3.1 - 19.9) Ferritin serum 45 range (25.0 - 340.0) Also I supplemented vit D 67 nmol/L range (70 --200) I managed to get B12 to the top of range! This blood test was done for Endo in September,He told me in so many words that I was making a fuss about nothing! I was in range and that was fine, but still not feeling well I just don't know where to go from here do I still keep going with the supplements?he said if I must I could have 1 x Multivitamin but he made me feel as if I was talking rubbish.

Regards wakeham



Your ferritin level needs to be over 70 and nearer 90 for your levo to be able work properly - or should I say for your body to be able to convert the levo into T3 and the T3 to then be up taken by the cells, which is where you really need it.

I have asked two endo's and two GP regarding the relationship between iron and levo but all denied there was any - yet a girl on here quoted her endo as saying "iron is the spark plug for our metabolism". All I know is that I am feeling better with every rise in my iron levels - it has taken me 7 months and my ferritin has gone from 12 to 63, so still a way to go, but I am not stopping until I get to the magic 90. Also ferritin needs to be over 80 to stop hair loss.

It is very important to take iron on a full stomach (to avoid it damaging the lining of the gut) and with a good quality VitC to enable it to absorb properly.

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie, I think that I shall carry on with the iron, as I need to get it higher I just hope that you can't over do it! as B12 is fine as it passes out though the urine if you have enough in the body, that's the same with Vit C isn't it.

But the thing that is so annoying is the Edo's do not except the importance of iron do they?

Regards wakeham


Thanks for the replies, I will monitor it as I go then


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