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After a long fight, I had an IV iron infusion yesterday - here's my report back

Hi all

I've been iron deficient since needing multiple blood transfusions in 07 as a result of fibroids. I could never keep my levels up after that despite 420 mg ferrous fumerate daily.

NHS gps were disinterested and found a ferritin of 18 normal- despite my hypo T, CF, hair loss, etc. My serum levels came out at 6 recently. Most of you will know that good iron levels are essential to good thyroid health.

Last year i gave up on the nhs and started self treating all my diseases - even my pernicious anaemia and the ones the nhs thinks i dont have like coeliac - which is the cause of my low iron, poor bone density etc.

A good private specialist recommended a 1 off iron infusion. I had to go round the mill and fight to see him on tHE nhs again as nhs gps ignore all private diagnoses.

Gp said she could not facilitate it and had to write to a haematologist - who naturally refused it. No one (except the priv speciliast understand thyroid issues. I insisted the gp write a different haematology dept - and thank g8d, they agreed.

So i had it yesterday - it does take all day, but it not a big deal otherwise. I felt fine, except at the beginning when i had a bit of a turn. I am so relieved to have finally got my tank filled up as it were. It was made clear this was a 1 off and would never get another. I hope this boost is what i need to give me a head start and maybe from now i can maintain levels with oral supplements.

I was told some people experience head aches and stomach upsets a day later, but i am fine.

In anticipation of nhs failure, i actually quietly had 2 iron injections i arranged myself a month ago; i noted my ferritin went from 44 - 70. So i will use the rest of my injections (obtained abroad where no prescription is required) as and when i need a top up. Please note, i was given professional advice by a qualified pharmacist, who is lawfully permitted to dispense these injections, unlike in UK.

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Hope you feel better with your iron top up. X


Well done on being so proactive. It's terrible that you have to fight to get treatment when you have such classic symptoms of iron deficiency.


So far so good. I really hope my hair will stop falling out now, as it;'s painfully thin after years of loss.


Hi, please could you advise where you got the injections from? X


Currently in despair as gps dont seem bothered a about v low ferretin level, lots of hair loss and no improving after months and months of supplementing :-(. Please advise which country the injections can be obtained from, would be very grateful :-)


Can somebody please tell me where I can get an iron infusion?



The member who started this thread has left the forum. It would be better for you to Write a Post asking for information.

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Ok thanks!


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