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TSH 3.06 - no further action

So I posted the other day about how the doctor has said I have a goiter and I needed to have a thyroid blood test. I've just got my results and my TSH is 3.06, the receptionist couldn't find the T4 so not sure if they did that or not but she said doctor said it's normal and they'll just monitor me.

I've booked another appt as I want then to ultrasound my goiter but I'm also thinking I will probably get a full range of tests done privately at Blue Horizon, my last lot from them had my T4 at 12.94 in a range of 12-22 and a TSH of 2.25 so if I get a check through them I'm thinking I can go armed with those and my endless list of symptoms.

I know in America and other countries they treat at over 3 just wish we could be a bit more flexible on it. I understand that there may be people with a TSH over 3 who don't have symptoms and may not want treatment but surely doctors should look at symptoms as well as labs.

Sorry just frustrated feels like I'm going to battling with this forever.

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Your TSH is too high (many feel better with TSH below 1), and you have a goitre. I just don't see how your GP can brush off your result as 'normal'. That's bonkers!

If you can do the BH test, that would be very valuable and will show you the way to go. You could also show the results to the GP...

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Thanks Hillwoman I am going to get the BH tests done, more than anything so I can see all ranges rather than just a TSH. I'm going to go back anyway about the goitre as I'm not happy just leaving it and thinking about it over the last couple of years I've been referred to ENT and a Sleep clinic due to me complaining about Snoring, sore throats, coughs which they've put down to allergies, ETD and just being a habitual snorer. Add that to my visits about the increasing irregularity of my periods and increased pain with them, loss of sex drive, aching muscles generally feeling not quite right and countless prescriptions and changing medications frequently due to anti depressants not working for my depression/panic attacks and anxiety from their point of view surely it would be worth doing a trial on thyroid meds, they might actually save themselves a fortune in the long run!!


Many of your symptoms could well be thyroid-related.

You also sound as if you may have sleep apnoea. Be aware that if you don't manage to sleep while at the sleep clinic, you may receive another 'normal' result. That's happened to me, twice - because not sleeping is perfectly normal, right? I'm faced with having to obtain a CPAP machine privately, because the apnoea forces me to sleep in a chair, with my head leaning to one side to keep the affected part of my throat open. I really hope you have better luck than I've had. :-)


Oh that's awful, I didn't have to do the sleep test, I filled in a questionnaire, answered questions and then had a throat examination and was declared a habitual snorer!!! I have often thought I may have sleep apnoea and I've also read if can go hand in hand with thyroid issues! It's so frustrating that we have to take matters in our own hands sometimes just to get results!!

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