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Low TSH but no action?


My family history is that my.mother and her mother (my grandmother) both had interactive thyroid and again both went onto to have pernicious anaemia which resulted on B12 injections

I have been dieting exceeding a lot and then gained weight felt shattered and very fed up, so went to my GP (after a 4 week wait for an appointment) Explained foamy history so she did bloods Plasma TSH came back .23 a week later GP phoned and said they were o.k. but would do more this time T3 and T4 were tested T4 is 16.2 and T3 4.8 so both within range but thyroid peroxide antibodies 269 just slightly over range! But as I have a family history of thyroid function problems this is not unusual or at least that's what GP said also advised me to stop using B12 patches as SHE doesn't know anything about them and it would be good to see what happens with my B12 if I stopped taking them my B12 was 532 a few months ago

Any comments advise would be really helpful as I'm at my wits end do you actually need to crawl into surgery for the GP to notice you have no energy

O she did helpfully say she will monitor me by doing more bloods in SIX months I did say if I have ntinternet topped myself before then cause I can't cope with feeling like this for much longer

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Were you using the patches when you were tested for the B12 ? If so then the result would be skewed. Personally I would keep using them. Adding a GOOD B Complex to keep all the B's in balance may help.

As PA is in the family your GP should test for anti-bodies - Anti-Parietal Cell and Anti-Intrinsic Factor.

Also have tested the following - Ferritin - Folate - VitD. If low in range you will feel unwell.

Pop over to the PA Forum here on HU for good advice.

Your thyroid anti-bodies are over range which suggests Hashimotos.


Hi Mars

Yes I think I was using B12 patches when I had the last B12 test and agree with you to continue with them I feel tired and ill enough as it is let alone stop something that is possibly helpful to my healt i'm trying to prevent getting PA you'd think GP would be saying well done to me! You'd think she'd research them but GP's don't seem to consider nutritional needs for people's illness and I know it makes such a difference

Thanks for your suggestions I've made an appointment to see an integrated doctor how helped me tremendously with chronic fatigue and although it's expensive he got my energy levels back on tract and I was feeling great I'm sure he will hello me back to good health

Best wishes and good health debs x


As you have Hashimotos you need to treat the thyroid. What other meds are you on ? PA is auto-immune as is Hashimotos. I would have the PA tests I suggested above and the other vits and minerals.

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email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online by Dr Toft. He says if antibodies/symptoms are present you should have levothyroxine. He was President of the British Thyroid Association. I think it's with answer to question 6. Then make another appointment with GP. This is from TUK:-

Going gluten-free can help reduce antibodies.

P.S. when giving results of blood tests it's helpful, as labs differ in their ranges, to put the ranges next to the result. :)


In addition to the other comments on nutrients, the aim for B12 is to get it up to about 50 below top if the lab range example if the lab range is 300-650 your target is 600 or close to it. Another nutrient you need to get checked is Zinc, it's common for hypothyroid to be low, and hyperthyroid to be high. Hope that helps

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