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Normal TSH but low T4

Hi there,

I have been tested twice for low thyroid as I suffer badly from fatigue, depression, feeling cold and muscle weakness (aka many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism).

However, both times I've come up low for T4 (around 10-11) but normal for TSH (around 1-2 level).

The first doctor didn't want to prescribe thyroid tablets as TSH is in normal range and second doctor is seeking the opinion of another doctor (possibly a specialist). I think they are asking about possible hypopituitarism (sp?)

I also have fibromyalgia, possible ME/CFS, Raynauld's Syndrome and Bipolar Disorder Type 2.

Just wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience with low T4 but normal TSH. The surgery won't do a T3 test.

I'm not working at present due to the fatigue and depression, so trialling a small dose of thyroxine is something I had been hoping for.

Thanks all :-)

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It is a pity that doctors these days rely only on the TSH for diagnosing. Before the blood tests came in i the '60's we were medicated according to our clinical symptoms alone. Initially we were given a trial of natural thyroid hormones and if we felt better we continued on the treatment for a lifetime.

We are diagnosed nowadays, as I said, according to the TSH and if it comes in as 'normal', our clinical symptoms (which doctors don't know much about either these days (lost the skill) are named as something other than the thyroid gland dysfunction:

Some links:

CFS/ME and fibro were named around ten years after the TSH/blood tests were introduced.

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Thanks for the weblinks and advice :-)



Can I ask why hypopituitarism? Do you have a pituitary problem?

I am very interested to know why this as I have both a thyroid & pituitary problem.

Also having trouble getting anywhere with Endo's.

I am sorry I can't help you with your question.



My levels are similar and I am getting nowhere with drs either! I know this is of no help in answering your question but at least it will let you know you are not the only one in this position. Keep battling with drs to get a diagnosis and more importantly treatment. Let me know if you get anywhere! I've an endo appt in a few weeks so I'll put on a post if anything positive comes from it. Good luck!


Hi Chloe, thanks for your message! It's nice to know we aren't alone. Good luck with the endo did you get the referral? I'm seeing my GP in a couple of weeks and would like to be referred. What are your main symptoms?


I asked gp for referral and think he agreed just to get me out of his hair!! He says it's all pyschosamatic and I don't actually have any symptoms because my TSH is normal!!!

I have fatigue, muscle weakness and pain, feeling cold, hair loss, constipation, poor sleep, etc. All hypo symptoms.

If your gp doesn't agree to referral maybe you should consider a private endo appt - this can be expensive though.

All the best.



Just joined this site today hoping to find some answers to my thyroid blood results. They are very similar to yours HopefulMind (T4 about 11 and TSH 1.7) . My doctor thankfully agreed to giving me thyroxine and I do feel better. It's not fair that your doctor will not prescribe a trial of thyroxine.

I am just wondering what is causing my results to be as they are. I have just ordered a T3/T4/TSH test through Blue Horizon for £102 and hoping that might shed more light as the doctor was unable to order a T3 test. From what I have been reading on the forum and other internet sites it is not easy to get proper help with thyroid problems.


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