"No further action"

Hi everyone ,

I am In The process of getting my exact figures and ranges of blood tests.

My NHS doctor listened to my symptoms told me I was classic case hyperthyroidism and "let's get them bloods done"

He said he did a "full m.o.t" including iron diabetes cholesterol vitamin d.

After no contact I phoned them and the lady said no further action on the phone. I got in to see my doctor again and he said your bloods are fine everything is where it should be. So I said what about my symptoms and being a classic case. He said have you thought about anti anxiety or anti depressants or counselling ?!

He said my thyroid was not even borderline but then why am I a classic case ?!

Completely contradicted himself.

Please help

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  • first thing you need to do is phone the surgery and request a full copy printout of your blood test results. They cannot refuse. Make sure that the results include the threshold range for each test result .

    When you have them post them on here and we can better advise you.

    Never believe it when a Doctor tells you a result is 'Normal' ask to see the results

    My Doctor said that my fasting blood sugar result was normal at 8.7 mmol !

    Six months later on retest he lied and said that my result was 5 mmol . He couldn't find the Lab test result because he had vetoed some of my blood tests incl like Vit D and blood sugar ,

    Two months later I collapsed with Diabetes and blood sugar of 28 mmol !

    I insisted on a referral to an endo who a few weeks later found that I had Hypertension Hyper gonadsm, a huge tumour on my Pitutary gland, Adrenal fatigue and possible Liver and Pancreas problems.

    I know that this is an extreme case but I believe my Dr had ignored all my symptoms for over 10 years including pre Diabetes.

  • Il go there after work and get this ! Thank you!

    And gosh ! Extreme yes but how can these drs live with themselves.

    I'm 21 and my doctor suggested I was depressed then also joked that it's a shame I don't drink (alcohol affects my gastritis) and that I'd feel a lot less anxious!

    So basically here , take these anti depressants and start drinking ?!

  • Alcohol is a depressant....

  • Actually recent studies shows alcohol working same way than antidepressants. Naturally it ain't good for one to drink to feel happy and does not affect everyone the same way. I get very sad when drunk, less talkative and just annoying . I am more fun and happier sober so for me alcohol would not work lol.

    Maybe epow's doctor read that study and figured out alcohol is good, instead reading proper studies of hypothyroidism.

  • His response is really shocking. I, myself, didn't get diagnosed with hypo until about 7 years after first having symptoms - no-one thought of doing a blood test and it was a first aider who finally suggested it and he was right. Doctors were wrong.

  • and yet another talking out of their rear end ! x here it comes again my most used saying 'Please don't sit down whilst you are talking to me Doc, you are talking out of your backside and I won't be able to hear you!'

  • You've had a dreadful experience. These do leave a mark in that you've lost trust in the system.

    I've read that untreated hypo or undiagnosed can lead to other serious illnesses and your proof of that with diabetes.

    I hope you are much improved.

  • I was tested for diabetes but do not have it , gastritis I do have however.

  • Gastritis can also be inter-connected to hypo.


  • Ask for a printout of results, and share them with this forum, and experienced people can then give an opinion. Suggest you start a new post when you do.

  • Thank you I will do :)

  • He gave a 'classic' response. Get a print-out with ranges and post. If you've not got them today put up a new question.

  • I hate it when one presents their symptoms and then are told they need to relax and maybe have counseling. Grrrr.......

  • Double Grrr.... x

  • Thank you everyone I will get the results up as soon as I can !

  • You may want to consider private blood tests e.g. Blue Horizon 11

  • Hi epow

    I'm in a similar situation to yours.

    GP tested for thyroid & told me results were 'normal'. After posting on here I discovered that my B12 was far too low.

    I Paid for my own thyroid tests they came back they my TSH was over the range.

    Left it 3 months & GP did full bloods & had again told me everything is normal. Yet my Vit D & folate are low. THS is within range but clearly too high for me as I feel rubbish.

    I can't really help on the medical front but from experience always get a copy of your test results as GPs will say 'normal' because the results are in range - this doesn't necessarily mean they are right for you.

    Good luck x

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