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Intense itching and agitated! Help!

I uped my naturethroid to 1 1/2 grains and started 1%hydrocortisone cream...20 mg. Since then I have started itching and am so agitated/ depressed and breaking down crying. Dont know what to do. I have low cortisol , and TSH IS 3.44, range 0.450-4.500; FT3 is 2.7, range is 2.0- 4.4; FT4 is o.88, range 0.82-1.77. Trying to do this all myself. Eating low carb diet of whole foods. No gluten, no sugar or white flour. B12 test came out on the higher side and ironbwas within range. I do have more energy , but like I said , its agitated anxious energy. I would love some help! Thank you!

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Sometimes taking thyroid hormones can make adrenals worse....... How bad are yours? Have you do e a saliva test?

What you could do is a temperature chart and then you should be able to work out if its thyroid or adrenals causing the problem.

I wrote a post some time ago about charts.... Here's the link....

Xx. G


my saliva cortisol test results are:

Morning-4.7, range 3.7-9.5

Noon-1.7, range 1.2-3.0

Evening-0.8,range 0.6-1.9

Night-0.3, range 0.4-1.0

That was what I thought. Many well known Dr's , like Dr Lam and wilson suggest that you address adrenals first. But I starrted listening to others as I was desperate! I have taken temps, but not consistently. I will read your previous post and do that. But regardless, I cant handle this agitation itching thing. What do you think?


Something to consider if you have changed your diet so radically. You might be suffering some die-off, which can make you feel very rough.


Yes thats true, I didnt think about that. But 6 weeks later?


Die off can build up. However, bodies are funny, and we are all different. Toxins releasing can be pretty grim.


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