Feeling very agitated

Hi. I have Graves' disease, diagnosed in May and on 20 mg of carbimazole a day. I thought I was doing ok but I'm gradually starting to feel agitated and at times downright angry at things that wouldn't normally bother me. I'm trying my hardest to keep calm but it's just so hard at times. I just feel so argumentative at times.

I got myself some lemon balm supplement to take as I read that it's a good one to take to help with this. I've took 1 tonight and will take another one in the morning. Can anyone suggest anything else please? I don't see my endo again for another fortnight and will definitely discuss this with him but in the meantime any advice will be gratefully received, I'm running out of deep breaths to take 😀

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Unfortunately this is exactly how I feel the majority of the time and it's definitely not an easy to deal with . I have been on carbimazole for 15 months and wish I could be more helpful . My 17 year old daughter says I am a nightmare ! . I think it's incredibly difficult . Good luck .

Thank you, sorry you feel the same but it's good to know I'm not alone. Hope that doesn't sound selfish.

It is difficult, especially when normally I never let anything bother me and people have always commented on how laid back I am, well was haha

More like hyper to me.

Sounds to me like your going hypothyroid or your allergic to th carbimazole

I was wondering about hypo but to be honest I don't think I have any other symptoms of hypo, I'm still feeling the heat as much as I was, still the odd palpitation. I might have to keep a diary of symptoms.

Might be worth having a B12 test if you are having palpitations. B12 supplements certainly helped me. And the adrenals might be suffering if you have been hyper for some time - and that can create an angry person!

Lemon balm I find good - I use it straight from the garden! A leaf in some hot water. I find it a powerful diuretic! It also has calming effects on the heart rate - so be careful how much you take. Another reason I prefer to sip throughout the day.

I also like flower remedies - Rescue Remedy also comes in alcohol-free. Again - helps to relax/ease the anxiety.

The Natural Endocrine Solution website has info about Graves and natural solutions.

All the very best. xCarole

Thanks for this Carole. I've got to have a blood test next week prior to my next endo visit so will ask the nurse to add this if it's not already on the list.

I was considering getting myself a lemon balm plant for my patio, I like lemon balm tea and can imagine making my own would be even nicer.

I'll have a look at that website tonight after work.

Thanks again

Lemon Balm very easy to grow and good to keep in a pot - grows all over my garden! And you can just pick a few leaves and take to work if you want to make a tea to sip throughout the day. I find it works very well and quickly. Very 'trendy' to have a leaf floating about in your cuppa!

Dr Chandry of the B12 Charity very helpful to me. Also this forum has helped with the optimun levels of B12 rather than being in clinical range.

Have a good day - we have a wet one here!


Try a propanadol beta blocker.

I was dx with graves in 2009, temperamental issues are a problem! Ive found bisoprolol better as they dont make me feel doped up and calm my palpitations. I still have loads of symptoms but my gp is such an arse i dont bother going, instead ive gone down the self help route. Ive had a few years with my lifelong chum,so i know its funny ways and try to get on with things. Make sure your nutritional status - minerals, vits, trace elements are all abundant in your diet - low hb (iron) can revent free T4 converting, which causes problems with processing mentally - i found it impossible to follow instructions and maps/directions were a waste of time - i was useless!

Given your metabolic rate is elevated, b12 deficiency is always a strong possibility, so eat lots of oranges (high in folates) and look at taking a suplement such as viridian or solgar completes. I use viridians pregnancy complex - im not expecting - just that it gives me 100% iron and it works for me. Liver and onions at least once a week, (hate it but it works) and fresh fruit and nuts for vits, elements and energy boosts helps me. Lemon balm is really easy to grow and will fill a big tub in one growing season so you'll soon have more than you need ☺

Hops are good for restfulness, valerian for short term use (addictive) oats for soothing the gut.

Hope this is of use to you. Its a miserable disease but you can find ways to accommodate it. Look into CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) too - its easy to implement - well,i found it so, and you can find loads of online resources. Good luck xx

I had 'Graves rage' too :( Motherwort, lemon balm and bugleweed are all recommended for hyper. Also Carnitine for muscle fatigue. Selenium is supposed to help bring down antibodies.

Make sure you eat as good a diet as possible and get lots of rest! Stress is a killer when you're hyper.

Get B12, Vit D, folate and ferritin tested as the body uses them up faster.

Thanks everyone for the replies and great advice and recommendations.

I'm going to have to do some research on supplements. I try to eat as healthy as possible as to be honest, on the occasions I'm not eating healthy, like when on holiday, my symptoms are a lot worse so I've realised pretty quick what not to do unfortunately, can't do any harm to eat healthy though 😀

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