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Test Results

Hi All,

I have just received my blood tests results and here are my results

TSH - 3.42

Free T3 - 2.7

Free T4 - 1.11

All are within the "norm"

however my TPO was 138.9 (normal 0.0 - 34.0) which is positive for autoimmune thyroiditis - which increases the risk for thyroid dysfunction in the future, my Dr sent me an email, he doesn't seem concerned about it just said we'd need to check my levels annually

Is this a normal response for a Dr - just to monitor my levels? I would prefer this rather than taking any medications/hormones

Is there anything I should be discussing with him or doing?

I'm looking into starting an AIP diet/Thyroid diet to help me

thanks all

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Can you please put the ranges for your results. Thanks.


Hello LittlePud, have you got the ranges for those figures, the one's in brackets like the TPO Ab result you have given?

What doctors consider normal can be "interesting" to say the least. We can then give you some suggestions to hopefully help you.

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As you have positive thyroid antibodies your GP should prescribe levothyroxine as your thyroid gland is under attack and you will become hypothyroid. Some don't realise that they should prescribe for hashimoto's - (Autoimmune Thyroid Disease).


I really don't want to go on any medication/hormone replacement - as I feel I can turn this around by diet first, I did this when my cholesterol levels where quite high for my age, when the DR wanted to put me on statins (which I refused) I told him instead I could remedy this by changing my diet, which I did and I am now in normal ranges, so I feel I can do this too by following a diet which helps thyroid health, I'd rather try this first than medication


Statins are a very different matter. With diet you will probably lower the antibodies. I wish you success with diet. Keep a check on your hormones though as they are necessary for a functional body and you don't want damage to occur. Just for information though:-


Hi - so even though I am British, I live in the US now and here are the ranges just in case this alter things - ranges are in brackets

TSH - 3.42 (0.300-5.600)

Free T3 - 2.7 (2-4.4)

Free T4 - 1.11 (0.61-1.70)

TPO - 138.9 (0-34)



Hi, I'd copy and paste these onto a new question for more responses. However I will say your TSH is high your FT3 very low and it is T3 that drives our whole metabolism.

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Hi! You are in a very similar situation as me!! I have boarderline 'norm' results with the anti bodies:\ I have read that going gluten free is a good way to reduce antibodies because apparently gluten makes the antibodies think it's thryroid related and therefore triggers more attacking from the antibodies

Do you have any other symptoms??

My doctor also feels I'm not ready to start any meds and I'll also be having blood tests regularly, I do feel very uneducated about what is going on in my body so my next step is to find an endo doctor, when I'm next at my GP ill asked to be rendered to one because I am going to have this problem for the rest of my life and I want to build a relationship with an expert that will listen to be, I feel parred off by my current GP who has just read these results to me and not actually explained what they mean which has led me to the internet and reading horror stories about how people have gained 40 lbs in a month and lost their hair.... 😰


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