Repeat thyroid test results

Repeat thyroid test results


I just received my repeat thyroid test results today about 6 weeks after I had my first thyroid test.

My doctor said it all looks perfectly normal, is probably down to stress and that I don't need anymore thyroid tests done. I am not sure what to make of this.

My first thyroid test results from 6 weeks ago showed that my TSH was 7.23 and that my FT4 was 13.9. My repeat thyroid test results show that my TSH levels are 5.94 mu/L, my FT4 levels at 14.2 pmol/L, my FT3 levels at 5.60 pmol/L and my TPOab at 0.4 iu/mL.

What does everybody think?


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  • I can't read the results, but did you have the second test later in the day as that could explain different results?

  • Hi Muffy,

    I just edited my post and included my repeat results so you can see them now. They were both taken in the early morning before food and drink

  • I cannot read your results also. When you get your blood tests you should have the earliest possible appointment and leave about 24 hours approx since your last dose of levo and the blood test. Take levo afterwards. You take levo every morning with 1 glass of water and leave approx 1 hour before eating.

    It's unusual to be given levo for six weeks only and then told you don't need any more tests.

    If you can print your results with the ranges it makes it easier to respond. What dose of levo were you prescribed?

  • Hi Shaws,

    I just edited my post so you can see my repeat thyroid results, I am not currently on any thyroid treatment, this was just my repeat test from my first thyroid results which showed raised TSH

  • We are crossing over responses but that doesn't matter. If you were in another country you would be treated when your TSH is around 3. So I am assuming your doctor thinks that a TSH of nearly 6 is o.k.! GPs have been told in the UK to wait till TSH is 10. Some GPs prescribe when around 5 with symptoms.

    Do/did you feel unwell.

  • Thanks for editing but do you also have the ranges for these? The fact that your TSH is 5.94 is far too high for you to feel well. I think your GP is another who doesn't know too much about treating patients and I assume that your TSH is now 'in range'.

  • The range for the TSH is 0.30-5.00, the range is the FT4 is 9.00-19.00, the range for the FT3 is 3.25-6.21 and the range for the TPOab is 0.00-6.00

  • I have managed to attach a clear photo of my repeat thyroid results now

  • My TSH was 7.23 before on the first test.

  • I feel constantly exhausted, my legs are aching and I have put on quite a lot of weight within the last two months, have put on nearly two stone in the last few months and I feel too tired to even exercise

  • I'm not sure how your doctor can say all is perfectly normal when your TSH is above range!

    And actually the range is rubbish - most people need their TSH to be around 1.00 to feel well. At over 5, whatever the rest of the results, your body thinks you need more thyroid hormone. Your symptoms are all consistent with your TSH - you need more thyroid hormone.

  • I guess I can try and see a different doctor next time but I have already had my repeat test done now.

  • I know but there is no way to convince my doctor of that as they are going by the ranges on the form, even my TPOab say my level is 0.4 which seems extremely low to me.

  • Tpoab should be low as it is antibodies. Less is better in that case! :D

  • Ok thank you

  • If you are symtomatic the range shouldnt matter you should be treated....i was treated as I was symtomatic at 5.

  • The doctor didn't listen to me, she said it was most likely down to stress.

  • Ask for your repeat scrip again, if they haven't agreed. Say you are off on holiday.

    When the results come in if you are still over range, then ask to see another doctor.

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