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A tribute to Dr Barry Peatfield by a USA doctor


Dr. Peatfield’s Reward After a LifeTime of Service

After a lifetime of work serving his community, you might imagine the honors and accolades for such a knowledgeable thyroidologist as Dr Peatfield, yet quite the opposite happened. Dr. Peatfield’s license was suspended in 2001 at the age of 68 by the General Medical Council of England.(5-6) The GMC ruling was based on “unfavorable testimony” from competing endocrinologists who “slavishly rely on the TSH test” as a measurement of thyroid function to diagnose the low thyroid condition and monitor treatment with thyroxine. Sadly, this is the sort of “Witch Hunt “which has kept medical science in the “Dark Ages” regarding the treatment of the low thyroid condition.(13)

I do know Dr Peatfield has been very unwell this year and I hope he gets the treatment he surely deserves.

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I saw Dr Peatfield a few years ago and he was such a lovely man, what a refreshing change from all the usual crap G.Ps and Endos. I do hope his health improves.

Dotti x


Thank you shaws for posting this. The books mentioned should all be required reading for today's Endocrinologists and Doctors wouldn't go amiss either. Dr Peatfield is a lovely man, so caring of us and I wish him well.


Is he still helping, as I was thinking of seeing him? Please dm me if he is not and you know of a good one like him that is please... I am very upset to think that some one who actually thinks outside the box and strives to help his clients is treated this way...

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Dr Peatfield has been quite ill for these past few months himself and I believe it is a form of cancer. When he feels well he still sees some patients.

If you email who has a list of Endos. When you choose you can put up a post and ask for a Private Message to be sent to you so you don't waste your time or money.

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