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Dr Barry Peatfield and Dr David Derry

I came across this sent to the BMJ in 2002. Published in 2015.

We know also that Dr Skinner also had the same treatment from the GMC.



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Where would we be if these caring professionals hadn't stuck their necks out. Thanks Shaws for sharing.

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shaws you'll undoubtedly be pleased to see what Dr K has written today in his latest blog:


"I am winding myself up to get involved in the thyroid scandal, and get involved in tested and treating, if I can."


I am amazed - he is like Dr Skinner - a one-man wonder. Wont take no for an answer when he knows guidelines are wrong and very unwell people. It is a principle.

I do hope you get involved as we do need sufferers and the strugglers. Many people are unaware of the situation having no internet or knowing people who are in the same boat and take it that life is just that way with no way of improving and kept 'within range'.

How easy would things be if we could help ourselves and not be dictated to use products that prevent us recovering. Just take Dr Skinner - who was then hounded - with an awful ending.

It is a scandal, especially now withdrawing T3 from those that need it to survive and not offering an alternative T3 which is quite easy to do but doctors afraid of going along Dr Peatfields/Skinner's road to the GMC.


Do you know which clinic he works at? Dr Kendrick? Would like to see him if possible!


I'm not sure if he has a clinic but I think you could email him and enquire. I don't know if he is mainly a researcher.


I would not have lasted 5 minutes as a doctor if I had chosen that as a career as I believe in the truth if it differs from what is told to me by others. I respect greatly those who stick to that policy whatever the outcome may be.

I take NDT and am very open to that fact with everybody. No medic I have seen since taking it ever dares to criticise me, basically because they all know that they are wrong but dare not object as it would cost them their career. They do not even seem prepared to discuss the subject in the slightest.

I have decided that, as I have nothing to lose at all, being a non-medic and long since retired, I shall fight them by whatever means I am able to get NDT back as a NHS-prescribable drug/hormone. I have utter contempt for those who oppose this happening and will continue until my task is completed or I die, whichever comes first.


I hope death is a long way away. You are correct and it is down to the monetary incentives by Big Pharma to doctors and Endocrinologists to further their aims at a great cost to millions of people, who remain undiagnosed if TSH doesn't 'fit' into a section. Doses too low to make people well if not recovering on levothyroxine. and False Statements made. Dr Lowe didn't beat about the bush and sent the following to the RCoP and the BTA and despite 3 yearly reminders before his death they never, ever, responded.

Cannot face the truth obviously I believe. The fact that patients could benefit if very unwell on levo could be prescribed NDT but are forbidden.


Some people have had years of illhealth and given 'other' medications for the symptoms instead of decent thyroid hormones.

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I am currently in conflict with a number of bodies who disagree with me. I could not give a d**n what they think, they are all wrong!

I am following a course of action where I know "they" have no answer. Forest Pharma say that levo and liothyronine (ie both are synthetic products) are the active parts of Armour Thyroid (ie 100% natural), this is repeated by the BTA, repeated bt the Encdocrinology Society, repeated by SPS, repeated by the APC's, repeated by the CCG's, repeated by the endos and doctors and therefore believed by the patients. How are we to believe ANYTHING said by somebody who does not know the basic difference between a nylon stocking and a pork chop?

I will defeat them all as I have TRUTH on my side.

Currently I have NICE on the ropes by admitting that they do not give a d**m that SPS tell lies! SPS are Government contractors who give advice to the CCG's and doctors and profess themselves to be the ultimate experts in everything they do!

I have no intention of dying just yet, only 69 and counting!

My life was saved by the advice and information I got from the TPA website, a friend of yours. Without the knowledge to switch to NDT i would have been confined to a sick bed for the rest of my life and I don't like people who lie to me, such as every medic I've ever encountered re thyroid issues.

I think I have destroyed the Blacklisting of Armour/NDT statement of the PanMersey APC but will have to wait till March to find out definitively Already one CCG (South Sefton) has opted out following my letter of complaint. I expect some (hopefully all of the others) to opt out when consultation is completed.

I am involving my MP (unfortunately he is a LibDem!) and therefore hope to get progress within Parliament.

Keep up the good work and give them HELL, as that is where I would like to send all of them.

I cry when I read all the reports from those who fail to get proper treatment for their thyroid problems but have no personal experience of any advice to give most of them.

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TPA as well did good work informing people and I'm sorry that Sheila has had a stroke.

We have another doctor (hopefully) who isn't afraid - exactly as Dr Skinner wasn't afraid when they know/knew they were speaking the truth.



(two Scotsmen).

Dr Kendrick has also spoken out about the dangers of statins.


drsharmadiagnostics.com/pre... Check out this guy!!!!!!


Very good link. Thanks. You can put up a new post and include this link as it is very helpful.


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