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i went to see dr peatfield yesterday as i havent been well even though on t3 and thyroxine. he told me it was my adrenals and told me to get nutri adrenal tablets. he was so nice and had plenty of time for me. i feel very positive that i am going to get better now.


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  • Yes this is doctor who fully understands how the human body works and is the right man for the job. I see him too! Mary F x

  • Hello Katherine, I'm so glad that you had a good experience with Dr. Peatfield. He is a lovely man - you feel better as soon as you walk through the door, and it is such a pleasant surprise to actually have a doctor listen and believe. I hope that you start to feel better soon.

    Jane x x x

  • He will do his best and it it gives you confidence when the consultant is reassuring.

    He is a very nice person.

  • I have got my first appointment with him in January. Can't wait!

    Having difficulty obtaining all my blood tests (as requested by Dr Peatfields Sec) as receptionist is being difficult.

  • Boo, Its not up to the receptionist. Put your request for test results in writng and address it ti head of practice. Give them 10 days, send an sae, list the results you want, eg, all thyroid function tests since 2005, all vitamin and mineral tests and all iron panel tests since whenever..... Under the terms of the 1998 FOI act they are not allowed to withold your results but I believe they can charge for the cost of retrieval and printing....


  • Thanks G.

    Do you perhaps know if computerised records follow from practice to practice?

    I have only had this gp for 18 months, but remember old doc showing me my thyroid results each time I had a change of levo.

    I did not understand them at the time ( I don't think old doc did either) but I can recall some of my T4 results not being at top end of range but gp (bless him - he would look up on computer if I pointed out anything that I had researched) getting concerned if t4 was getting towards top end.

    Gosh I wish I still had him now as he always listened, and I got a hug when leaving. One of the old school. x

  • I have no idea if computerised records can follow you. Probably not, my doctors are terrified of this new fangled computer stuff, it's all magic and trickery and emails can be read by the whole world as they are unsafe... (Apparantly). Which is why they will not accept prescription requests, appointment requests or anything by email..... So the chances of them allowing records to be transferred?. .. . .? Ha!

  • he also told me to take my temperature and pulse twice a day and i have a phone appt. with him in 2 weeks.

  • Hi Dr Peatfield is a lovely man and as Janeb says having someone actually listen and not scoff was such a huge relief that....i cried....again! Im about to start some t3 with my t4 under his care (which i trust 100%)...im still on nutri adrenal as mine were exhausted plus other supplements too....so good luck and keep us informed of your progress


    Karen x

  • Hi

    Can you tell me how to get in touch with Dr Peatfield and if he is still in practice as I live in Northern Ireland.

  • I'm another fan/patient too ! x

    Glad you feel so positive - that will help you along your journey too .....

  • katherine, I see him too. I have been on Nutri Adrenal and Nuri Thyroid.

  • Do you feel any better on nutri adrenal?. He has told me to reduce my thyroid medicatiin when i start nuti adrenal

  • Hi Katherine,

    Both my daughter and I see him and just to have someone on side helps. My daughter was told to take antidepressants and birth control pills as the doctor thought that part of her problem was the fear of becoming pregnant. What an assumption. She does not even have the energy for a relationship. And I was referred to a psychiatrist and finally admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

    We are both on the path to wellness now.

    Dr. Peatfield is a breathe of fresh air.


  • Sally. I have just read your post with such interest. I have had the most awful time this summer with anxiety and feeling so so low and ill.. I am convinced this is all down to my hormones (age 50) and thyroid but Dr says not! I am now under a psychiatrist and on ADs and feel so utterly frustrated but every time I go to the Dr I just break down - therefore I'm 'depressed'..... Anna x

  • i have also been very down and depressed, my gp wanted to put me on antidepressant but i said it is my symptoms which are causing depression. i have been having cognitive behavior therapy but that hasnt helped. i hope the nutre adrenal tablets will help. dr peatfield has told me to stop all thyroid medication for 5 days and then start adrenal meds, i just hope i feel alright. i am a bit worried about stopping but i do feel confident with him.


  • I know its been a while since the posts but is Dr peatfield still seeing people, as I feel so I'll and my doctor also thinks I'm slowly going mad, even though I have been diagnosed with hasimotos

  • He is indeed. If you go to the home page of TPA UK there is a link on there.

  • Thank you xx

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