More help needed with test results

So ....... as expected, nothing wrong with me. ........ aaaaaaargh!!!!!😡😡 My GP was very sympathetic (her words) but cannot prescribe based on the current results (again, her words). I pointed out that she could treat the symptoms but she still insisted not. Told her that I intended to self-medicate but I felt she was on my side somewhat . Said I wasn't prepared to go on like this any longer (more than 3 years now), because the weak, indecisive, unconfident(?), moany person I am now is NOT me at all!!!

We agreed that I would again get a private blood test done because the lab didn't test T3 & T4 levels as my TSH was "in range". This is being done tomorrow so should have the results back early next week and I'll decide then whether to see the GP again or make an appointment with a private endocrinologist BUT I'm open to any other suggestions or advice from the lovely people on here. My results were

TSH = 1 mU/L. (0.35-5.0)

Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration (!) = 6 lU/mL. (0-50)

Vit D level = 74 nmol/L. No range but says low status may be adequate or borderline.

Random cortisol (not before 9am) =. 138 nmol/L. (9am= 140-690)

Lots of other bits but I really don't know which are relevant.

I would be so glad for any advice - I can't even drown my sorrows anymore because for the last few months anything more than one small glass of wine leaves me feeling like c**p fir the next couple of days!

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  • Check b12 as well, so long as you are not supplementing it already.

  • Thanks , I'll add it to my list for tomorrow. Not taking any supplements at the mo.

  • I am so sorry you're going through this ordeal. I know how you feel. I did my tests in a private lab and took the result to a doc, then finally got the meds. But I have literally wasted two years of my life being dysfunctional, extremely tired and sick.

    I think you should be taking vitamin D, your level is too low. My old GP told me to take vit. D every day, especially from august to april, when there's so little sunlight. Make sure it is vit. D3, not D2. There are still some supplements around that contain vit. D2.

    Additionally it would be good to check ferritin, folate, vit. B12, renal function and hemoglobin.

  • Thank you zerendipity, none of the others are on the test results (surprise, surprise) but I'll try to get them included tomorrow. Reply much appreciated.

  • Don't self medicate before getting a B12 level done. It would be well worth ruling out pernicious anaemia first. And what about iron deficiency anaemia - could that be a possibility?

  • Thanks JazzW, I was going to leave the self-med decision till after getting the next set of results, anyway. x

  • I suggest you have your calcium checked just in case it's a parathyroid problem.

  • Not sure if this is the right thing but today's results show

    Calcium adjusted level = 2.26 mmol/L

    Serum calcium =. 2.32 mmol/L

    No ranges for either of these.

  • Ok that looks good but to be absolutely sure you could have a parathyroid blood test, may be difficult to get that done with a normal calcium but Hyperparathyroidism can present with high pth and low/normal calcium. Symptoms of Hpth and underactive thyroid can be very similar hence my suggestion.

  • Sorry to be a pain, but what is pth please?

  • Pth is short for parathyroid. In hyperparathyroidism you would normally have a high pth and high calcium but it can also present with high pth and low normal calcium, if all other tests are normal then it's something to consider although if is a fairly uncommon problem.

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