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Nutri Advanced Adrenal Extra and NDT - confused!

Nutri Advanced Adrenal Extra and NDT - confused!


About 7 weeks ago i started taking NatureThroid NDT and I am currently on 1.5 grains per day. I have been taking basal temperature and pulse rate and I'm quite sure I'm not over medicated or going hyper. (will blood test in a week or so to check all's well)

I've read that when starting NDT, then if your adrenals were already stressed then they may need further support?. A few months before I started taking the NDT I had a 24 hour saliva test done with Genova which showed high'ish cortisol levels, especially in the evening (when I gather they should be low).

I have suffered from insomnia for the past couple of years, i have a stressful job, and suffer anxiety, stress, irritability and some low grade depression.

If I start a trial with Nutri Adrenal Extra alongside the NDT will this do any harm?

Also, any comments on the attached chart welcome, I'm not sure if it's good or bad or what to do about it if it is bad!




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Someone? Anyone?



Nutri adrenal is normally taken for low cortisol and would raise your cortisol higher. I do not know of a supplement to help high cortisol others might. I would suggest some stress busting to reduce cortisol such as mediation. Also a walk in the countryside, best in the morning. Do you have a pet, stroking a cat or dog can reduce stress. Also you may need to make significant decisions about you life style such as changing the way you work.

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Thanks for the reply. So with high cortisol Nutri Adrenal would probably exacerbate things! I posted my saliva cortisol tests before on this site but got very little response. Lots here recommend the Genova tests but I can't find much in the way of advice about how to fix it! (Unlike thyroid issues of which there is lots of helpful info on these forums)


NDT did not work day 1 during adrenal fatigue without levo.

you have not posted your levo dose before NDT.FT3 & FT4 blood results can tell you NDT or T3 dose adjustment.


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