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Nutri Thyroid/Nutri Adrenal


I am on both. Adenals for four weeks and thyroid for 10 days through Dr P.

Sorry to be thick but how are they helping me if the thyroid in particular doesnt contain the hormones? Am i right in saying that if you take Armour or ndt that they do?

I am feeling a tiny bit better. Still have lots of really bad fatigue if over done it(to point in tears and cant eat!) but i am feeling slightly better in morning, recovering bit better next day. Its hard to gauge recovery as i start filling my time with doing more round house.

Have a good day all


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Hi Cat

Ahhh, one of life's great mysteries...! There has been a lot of discussion around these meds and how they work/don't work for people.

This is the search result for Nutri:

Some people find it helps to keep a 'diary' of symptoms vs meds vs blood results.




I think Dr D-P takes a cautious approach to both matters. His book shows the total compexity of both systems- and from that I have a lot of respect for his knowlege.

Hormones, in my experience, are extremely powerful and if wrongly applied -troublesome.

If you can get well on support nutricals, then that is worth having- bear in mind adrenals can take a long time [even years in my case] to repair and thyroxine weeks/months to settle to a working regime.

The main thing is not to try to do too much, while you get better.

If you finally do need direct hormones, then the work already done should prove helpful.


When I asked Dr P this he told me that Nutri Thyroid contains "all of the hormones for my needs" - they certainly had a dramatic effect on my thyroid blood test results :) xx


Hi Clarebear - Hope you don't mind me asking but what was your TSH reading when Dr.P told you this?


Before starting on the Nutri products my TSH was about 5, my fT3 was low in range and fT4 was just over mid range, and I had been taking 50mcg of thyroxine for about 2.5 months. After continuing with the 50mcg of thyroxine but adding 2 Nutri Thyroid and I can't remember how many NAX, my TSH dropped to 0.04, fT4 was just above range and fT3 was top of the range - I felt over-medicated.


I changed to NDT and now have a TSH of <0.02, mid range fT4 and top of the range fT3 - it seems that if my fT4 goes over mid range I feel a bit toxic. I am now feeling really well on 2,5 grains of NDT :) xx


Hi Clarebear. Are you on only NDT now and if you don't mind my asking which brand? Why did you not just increase dose of thyroxine rather than adding Nutri Thyroid?


Hi Clare - I started on 1 x day NAX, by the time I built up to 3 a day I was waking early hours feeling very anxious, so cut back down to 1 a day. Decided not to take the Nutri Thyroid until my b12, iron, etc were on a higher level. After a couple of months, now started 30mg Naturethroid a day. After I have built up dosage to unkown level I am thinking of adding Nutri Thyroid. Any pointers please?


I started on them and asked for advice on this forum, the consensus of opinion is that these had not been helpful in other's experiences and to test my B12, follate, iron, ferritin, Vit D3 and calcium. If any are low (even if within the 'normal' range) particular B12, to increase these and then start on Levythyroxine if you can convince your GP to trial you on this, or refer you to an endocrinologist. Failing these, just self-medicate with NDT, which is the route I have taken and after increasing my B12 etc, have just started 30mg Nature-throid a couple of days ago.


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