Mirena Coil linked to Thyroid issues????

Hi All,

I have been doing a lot of research into various issues I have had since having my blood results last week and being told I was to be referred to an Endo regarding my TSH and T4 levels. One of the various tests shown me to have low oestrogen levels, the doctor advised me to have my mirena coil removed as this could be messing with my hormone levels which I did. This got me to thinking if maybe the two were linked so after more research seems I am not the only woman who has suffered with the symptoms of thyroid issues / bloods confirming out of tick thyroid since having the mirena coil fitted. I just thought I would put this out there and see if any of my fellow sufferers may think this could be / have suffered only since having the mirena fitted?

Could just be me reading into things too much but would welcome any feedback?

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  • Claremc78,

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  • Wow thank you interesting reading

  • Blimey. Had no idea. Yet another connection.

    I was almost bullied by my GP into having a mirena fitted. I know that sounds strange, but I was more or less told I would be mad not to!! Worse thing I ever did. Made me Ill, it got stuck, and had to have a general anaesthetic to have it removed. Diagnosed hypo 2 months before it was removed


  • This is interesting. I'd never made that connection. I had a mirena fitted in June 2014 for very heavy periods. Felt dreadful until I had it removed in April this year...2 months after being diagnosed with hypothyroid


  • Hey lulu

    It seems we are not on our own there are quite a few women who have had thyroid diagnosis either just after or during use of the mirena. I had mine replaced in June and started showing nasty symptoms middle of August loss of hair headaches fatigue and brain fog. Docs confirmed thyroid levels were out but also oestrogen was low and after some research I realised they are all connected. What initially made u have it removed did your doc check ur hormone levels at the same time as your bloods for thyroid?


  • I didn't have bloods checked, I just never felt well with it in situ. Headaches, weight gain, heightened pms symptoms all the time. Doctor tried to remove it but I went into shock so she gave up and I was referred to gynae who took it out under general.

    Felt slightly better after it was gone

    Lu x

  • Sounds horrendous Hun hope your ok now ? It is really worrying how many women seem to be making a link between mirena and thyroid issues. I know each person is different but it definitely makes u wonder if the 2 are connected !! I had mine removed Friday just gone on docs advise and am waiting to see an endo so time will tell suppose ! Just keep hoping my hair loss and no energy problems will ease off now I'm synthetic hormone free !!

  • I had this coil fitted 2 years ago as I have a large fibroid and had very heavy painful periods. I have no PMT symptoms now and no bleeding which is fantastic. I do think my boobs ahe got a bit bigger though which I'm not keen on as was already top heavy. I was diagnosed with a severe under active thyroid 10 years ago so a long time before I had the coil. Don't think my levels have changed that much since having the coil. I will probably keep mine as I don't want to go back to having horrendous periods.

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