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Update re: Mirena coil

Well after all you lovely people giving me advice on the mirena coil I've decided I'm not gonna have it fitted but I've had a bit of a fight on my hands and weeks still of bleeding but at last after being back to the doctors about 3 times in the last couple of weeks I've finally seen a gynaecologist who has put me forwarded to have a nova sure (oblation of the neck of the womb) but while I'm waiting to have that done she has put me on a different hrt patch and the "mini pill", the mini pill I am 50 years old I can't seem to get my head round it it's like I'm 18 again, I have had mixed thought about taking it but it's supposed to stop the bleeding combined with the new patch but so far no difference, has anybody any thoughts on the process they are putting me through, you are all so helpful thank you so much


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Mummytina, the pill has been prescribed to stop bleeding for decades. My mother was horrified when I was prescribed it at age 13 to stop bleeding which had gone on for weeks. I hope it helps. Take it at least 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.


Is it the combined pill that must be taken 4 hours away from thyroid meds or the mini pill too clutter? I take mine with my NDT in the morning - oops.


Potnoodle, don't take anything other than water with NDT. Take supplements and other meds 2 hours away from NDT and iron, calcium, vitamin D and oestrogen ie the pill, at least 4 hours away from NDT.


Thanks clutter. I got confused as the mini pill doesn't contain any oestrogen.


Potnoodle, if it contains other hormone it's still best to take it away from NDT.


I will, thank you.


Hi for over 7 years suffered with haemorrhaging and back last November was the last straw when I going myself loosing so much blood ended up in hospital , my consultant told me I had to have the coil like you didn't want to as the first one I had caused so much pain and problems but this time round whilst in theatre he fitted the mirena and in all fairness I'm pleased I no longer bleed I feel better and changed my diet and feel better within myself , if you have not had one before give it a try they can always take it out for you if your not happy . Hope this helps

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Hi Tina, my wife had the Nova Sure carried out two months ago and it's been a resounding success. No monthly pain and no bleeding. She had the marina coil taken out after what so can only describe as the worst 4 years of our marriage. We were very close to breaking up, because of the thing she called the "Devil inside her". Almost instantly after having the ablation she started being her old self. Before the marina was fitted it broke my heart seeing her in agony every month, but the marina changed her. Now we are like newly weds again and more importantly she has no pain.

Good luck Tina


I've been on the combined pill since I was 20 for irregular periods and heavy bleeding.

I'm now too old for it so take the mini pill.

I tried cerazette first but suffered terrible acne all over so am now on micronor which is better but I've had the biggest period in history so I wouldn't say it's going to help with bleeding! I am going to stop taking it after my holiday.

Hope you find something that works for you as I think they affect everyone differently.


Ps, the cerazette did stop my periods completely after the first couple of weeks with just spotting.


However, it is still the fake hormones you were trying to avoid with the Mirena - the seriously nasty fake progesterone (biochemically not at all like the real thing).


Make sure you have plenty of pain relief after the nova sure, I had mine done Feb 2013, and I (and the recovery nurses) couldn't believe how much pain I was in. Much morphine and ketamin later....I finally come down from high up in the sky two days later. After that, 4 weeks off sick, very strong painkillers, terrible bloating, very painful.

I guess mine is a complete success, no bleeding, not one period since. Still get bloated at times but that's all to do with IBS. I would have preferred a hysterectomy.

Take it easy afterwards, lots of rest!


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