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Mirena Nightmare! Be warned

I dont know what possessed me but I had a mirena coil fitted on 2nd Jan to try to control my heavy periods. What a mistake. I have had constant low grade pain, bloating, bleeding since. then last monday i had a smear test that coincided with the coils 6 week check up.

Well the nurse must have dislodged it, because I couldnt feel the strings afterwards, and woke the next morning with a horrific migraine that lasted 2 days. also developed VERTIGO which I have never had before.

Then started getting sharp stabbing pains on my left side. so went to the clinic and asked for it to be removed on saturday. the nurse couldnt find it, and there was no doctor there so had to go back today.

Well after one attempt , then a scan and then another attempt the doctor couldnt get it out either!!! she thinks it has gone up into my uterus!!! I cannot believe it.. she has now got to refer me to gynae and I have to have another operation to have it removed, if they can find it. and of course it can always perforate my womb in the mean time.

I am so anxious and frightened and in pain. I wish I could just get it out of me. And during the ultrasound they also said I have a 2cm cyst on my ovary!!!! I KNOW the mirena has done this to me. I have no problems like that before

I am in shock to be honest .........

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That's AWFUL!! :-(

How long do you have to wait for the referral?



x :-(


I am so sorry this has happened to you, I send you 'virtual hugs' and hope it gets sorted soon and you'll be back to your normal self x


I had the mirena never again had it for 5years ok until ot was due to come out then was getting all the symptoms of under active thyroid was I all really have so was getting double the symptoms told my Gp said had nothing to do with it.Anyway had it taken out amonth ago feel a lot better no bloating or headachs never again.


I had it for 5 years and felt awful. Once I had it removed my hypo symptoms vanished. I'm america there have been law suits against the makers because of the amount of problems with it. I'm on my phone so can't get the link up but google the side effects and what's happened to you is there. Hope you feel better soon x


That is appalling! Please go to A&E if you feel ANY changes in how you are feeling or get worried in any way. I don't think it is acceptable to make you wait for a gynae referral unless it's very, very soon. You must be very worried :(

Thanks for the warning! I was considering it given that I get on much better being on progesterone-only pill, but I just didn't like the idea of a foreign body inside me and that is why I haven't had one fitted yet. I won't even be considering it now!

I hope it gets sorted out very quickly so you can feel better.


Carolyn x


like i said i had mine removed but had no problem but my sisters they couldnt find so had a operation just trying to reasure you she didnt have any problems getting it out and was in hospital for the day so try not to worry i know easier said then done.Good luck.


I have had a mirena for 4 years and it has been fabulous. Controls my endometriosis and have never had a problem with it. Just shows how different we all are!


Mine was put in when I had my ovaries removed 6 years ago, I wasnt even asked...just told it had been put in to help with the everlasting hot sweats... Im sure its worn out now but it can stay where it is unless I feel any old now for all that prodding...


Hi I had mine fitted after my daughters birth. Due to heavy periods and really bad PMT. I think it was one of the main contributors to my Graves Disease. I like you still have mine fitted it will have well expired, but with so many smears and colcostopies I too have had a too much podding. You don't think we are in any danger leaving it in?


Im kind of hoping it will just slowly disintigrate, I cant imagin it has any hormone left after all this unless there are any problems in that area Im leaving well alone, I think my doctor has forgotten its still in there ....


I hate to tell you, but it is made of plastic, so it will still be around long after you have returned to dust.

Just about any doctor would tell you to have it removed, but my old IUD (which was just inert nylon) happily stayed in place for over 20 years - but it was designed to be replaced only every 10 years.

I had a great gynecologist in NYC who told me I should "let sleeping IUDs lie". :-)


So sorry this has happened, hope it's sorted quickly and as easily as possible!

My doc wanted me to have this but heard too many bad things, so decided I'll just put up with awful periods for now. Although they did improve a lot when I first started on T3.



I was told to have the Mirena coil fitted to sort out the fact that i have periods every 2 weeks, not to mention very heavy too. I have been on Tranexamic acid (these are given to Haemophiliacs before they have procedures done) for the first 4 days, and Mefanemic acid (anti-inflammatory). I was told the Mirena coil would sort everything out. But when i spoke to some nurses that had them put in they put me off getting it as they had real trouble with it.

I've not had it fitted and keep begging my GP for a hysterectomy (which they won't do), cos they want me to have the coil or something like microwave surgery not sure what it is but i know someone had that done and ended up having a hysterecomy cos it went wrong.

Sorry you've had an ordeal, this has made me more determined not to have it fitted.


I had a very long & happy relationship with an ancient intra-uterine device, the Lippes Loop, which is sadly no longer made.

It kept me child-free and happy for over 20 years, but way back when IUDs were simple, inert devices made of benign nylon. Then they started "improving" them with bits of copper and hormone implants - not and improvement in my opinion as they seem to cause loads of reactions.

When my Lippes Loop was finally removed as I entered menopause, I had it gold plated (no shit!) in thanks for it many years of painless, hassle-free and effective contraception.

I am sorry that your experience of the IUD/"coil" has not been so happy. I agree that, if you are in constant pain, you must go to A&E and get help. Hope you are out of the woods soon.


Hello everyone, thanks for your replies and your stories, we are all different, and if I had really thought about it, I would have realised that I react to lots of things and that it was probably not a good idea for me.

I still feel very tender in that area with stabbing pinching on my left side, but it is manageable with paracetamol and not charging about. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that its not going to be too many weeks. More out of curiosity than reality I telephoned Bupa to see how much it is to go private, its just under £2000! That is out of the question, but at the time I was in lots of pain and desperate for answers

My doctor is convinced the vertigo has nothing to do with any of this and has given me some anti sickness tablets. I am positive its got everything to do with it, as it was on the monday I had the smear that I am sure dislodged it and I awoke with migraine and vertigo the next day! But doctor knows best..........



Is there any credible evidence to point to mirena causing thyroid disorders. I had one inserted just over 4 years ago, and 6 months after this had an onset of graves, now I believe I am hypothyroid due to extreme weight gain? Opting for a mirena coil could be one of the worst decisions I have made?


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