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Asprin and K2

Does anyone know anything about taking K2? I need some advice. I advised my father to take k2 with the D3 he is taking. However, he has told me that he takes aspirin daily as a preventative measure (he has high blood pressure). K2 is not to be taken by people using blood thinning drugs I believe. I am not sure what to advise him, as if he takes d3 supplements without k2 I would worry that calcium would build up in his arteries. ( he doesn't have a thyroid problem, but it is his side of the family that suffers from thyroid problems / celiac). Thanks for any help.

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MidnightBlue It is K1 that aids blood clotting, K2 benefits bone health.

And it is blood thinners meds such as Warfarin that is cautioned against.

Have a look at this post I made recently about K2 and check out the information and links then you'll have more to base any decision on:



Thanks for the links. It is quite complex it seems. It advises on the k2 box not to take with blood thinning medicine, I believe because it counteracts the effect. Not really sure what to advise him.


Hi sorry he is unwell.

My understanding is that it is better to have k2 but not essential. It's calcium tablets not vitamin d that causes blocked arteries etc.

I sorted my levels out by taking 50000iu powder once a week in a hot lemon drink. Cost me circa £10 and I have loads left.

It's all about absorbtion - good foods kelp almonds Brazil nuts tofu( if you agree with it) sunflower seeds dried figs and corn tortillas. Vit c helps absorbtion tea and coffee blocks it.

So no tea and coffee with meals fruit juice instead . Organic food has less water contents and better trace elements than non organic. Sugar alcohol and caffeine mean you need more vit d. Wheat bran contains phytic acid so blocking absorbtion.

Good luck to you both.

Message me if you need daily amounts of foods etc.


Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food. K2 directs that calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. Both K2 and magnesium are recommended co-factors when taking Vit D.

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