K2 and thick blood

Quick question. I'm about to order some vit D3 and from what I've read its best with K2. But also read that k2 increases the clotting of your blood. Sorry I'm not very technical. I've already got very thick gloopy blood. A test done at the gps a year or so ago said I was right at the top of the safe range ( docs and their ranges ! ) for how thick my blood is. Sorry can't remember the technical terms. ( I'm a smoker I'm afraid 😞)

I'm just a bit worried that K2 might not be good for me ?

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SeasideSusie wrote this a while ago about K1 and K2: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

However, if you have thick blood (seems to be common in hypothyroidism) then you may need to consider this information in line with everything else that you are doing to improve your health?

It's K1 that deals with blood clotting, not K2. Many years ago it was thought that there was only one vit K (before that, it was thought that K and C were both vit C). However, it's usually recommended that people with clotting problems take no more than 45mcg of K2



I've heard that ginger is good for sticky blood.

Kitti1 I looked into this a while ago and made a post about it here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... It's worth checking out the links within that post too.

It's K1 that aids blood clotting, K2 aids in sending calcium where it is supposed to go (basically!).

However, you might have read a post of mine when I said that for some reason, when I do a fingerprick test. I've found that if I leave off my D3/K2 combo supplement for a few days then my blood tends to flow better. That's just a personal anecdote, it's not to say that it's the same for everyone.

Whether K2 does actually have some effect on blood clotting seems to be debatable. As you already have thick blood I think you should do some research to satisfy yourself.

As a cautionary tale, I'm not one to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't do, so please don't think this is a a lecture :) , but my late father was a lifelong smoker. His arteries furred up (one of the effects smoking can have apparently), and eventually this narrowing of the arteries meant it was difficult for blood to flow normally. He slowed down a lot and had trouble with his legs. He passed away in his sleep, post mortem was carried out and it was explained to my mother that they thought a small clot couldn't get through the narrowed arteries and blood flow to the brain or heart was lost causing his death. As you already have thick blood, have a think :)

Hi ITYFIALMCTT Angel_of_the_North & SeasideSusie

Thank you for your replies. I'll look into all the links with interest. Good to know that its K1 and not K2 that's the clotting element. I definitely give the ginger a go.

But SeasideSusie is right I know I've got to give up smoking. I lost my mum to lung cancer, she was a smoker all her life. And i know the smoking makes my blood much thicker. There's just been so much stress the last few years. But hopefully with feeling better on t3 on the horizon I'll be in a better stronger place to tackle it. And no not a problem SeasideSusie your opinions and experiences are always welcome πŸ‘

I never thought I would stop either after 35 years of 20/day. Not even watching my dad dying of lung cancer was enough to get me off the damned things... I was well and truly addicted. Then my daughter gave me a book by Allen Carr called 'The Easy way to Stop Smoking'. I sat down on the morning of 1 May 2004 and started reading. In almost the first paragraph of the book he told the reader not even to try not to smoke while reading the book, but to leave that until you'd finished. I finished the book by teatime (it's not a massive tome like War and Peace) and got rid of all the smoking paraphernalia as he instructed and I've never touched another cigarette since, nor have I had any inclination to. Sadly, Allen Carr died of lung cancer some years ago now, but he was a 60/day man for most of his adult life, but his book is still out there and if you're really serious about stopping, it might be a good place to start. Nicotine patches/gum/sprays don't actually deal with the addiction, they are merely alternative delivery systems for a deadly substance that leaves your bloodstream pretty quickly (which is why you feel the urge to light up again). Get over the initial 24 hours and you're there! I hope you try it and I hope it will work for you as well as it did me. As I said before, I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day from the age of 15, through 4 pregnancies and my father slowly dying of the worst disease possible and I thought I'd never be clear of it, but 24 hours and a little book that changes your whole attitude about why you 'need' that next fag did it for me.

Thank you so much for that. I'll! Have a look on amazon for the book and definitely give it a go πŸ‘ Definitely well done you on giving up after so long πŸ‘

You've taken the first step already which is actually wanting to stop. Incidentally, you will find that Allen Carr never referred to it as 'giving up' because that implies that you're making a sacrifice of something that is essential to your happiness and well-being; you're not... you're stopping something that is doing you harm and that you can do something positive about. Good luck!

Hi delicious21

Thank you for your reply. I fully appreciate what you say and tend to agree with you. No I'm not on blood thinners. I was at the top of the range and they said any higher and I'd need them. I know I need to sort out the cause and not end up on such drugs.

I'm in the process of changing doctors so will request a full bloods as part of my new patient check. As I said above I've got my BH plus 11 but have been putting it off because I had a terrible time on teva levo ( I was on it for 3 weeks ) and as SeasideSusie and greygoose wisely advised I really need to leave it 6 weeks before doing the tests. But I had standard bloods done at the docs about 10 days into taking teva and my TSH had plummeted. So my clueless doc without consultation dropped my levo from 125mg to 100mg. Its been 2 1/2 weeks now and I feel terrible. So I'm going to do my bloods this week, 3 weeks after stopping teva. So I can start on a very low dose of t3 as I just can't function at the moment 😞

I think I'll hold off ordering any supplements until I get my blood results. Probably best.

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