has anybody had problems with medi check?

My friend had blood test done by MediCheck and what a job I had to get access to them from their system. I kept getting the same email +++++ but not the one with the access code. Phone calls didn't help as the same email kept coming through, in the end I requested they send an attachment which came but no report on the results so again had to contact till I finally got what should have been sent in the 1st place.

I am wondering if anybody has had similar problems or is it just a fluke?

I usually use Blue Horizan where everything goes smoothly but I don't think I would use MediCheck again.

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  • I have only ever used Medichecks and not had any problems at all, maybe you were just unlucky.

  • same here just used them and have not had any problems at all

  • thank you both for these replies - must have been a fluke but an embarrassing one for me as it was for a friend who had never gone private before and I had persuaded her to try!!

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