More problems, this time with PMs

I can see I have 3 messages, but when I try to access them, I just get a yellow bar with the words 'loading...' and 'this is taking some time' and then after about 5 minutes it goes back to the newsfeed without displaying the messages. Has anyone else had this problem?

I have tried to send a message to HU support but am not even sure if it went through as I had no confirmation.

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  • It's been a little hit-and-miss this morning. I am having the same issue loading the 'posts' page, or any page for that matter, sometimes.

    It's going to be another long day ;)

  • You can send an email directly to That might be easier.

    I wish I could edit posts again!

  • I'll have a go! I can feel a meltdown coming on again, this morning when I got out of bed I almost passed out, don't know what is going on.

  • Don't worry. I already did it :) Go back to bed and look after yourself! Sounds like you need to stay away for a while and rest.


    Carolyn x

  • Bed is out, next door's dog is barking insanely, their daughter's baby (there already?) is screaming, and the louder the dog and baby get the louder grandma and grandpa shout at each other. Sounds like a normal Sunday morning. Wish I'd felt well enough to go out to my Sunday Meeting - at least we get a bit of peace that way.

  • HUGS!! Go back to bed! :) xx

  • Yes - same with me.

    Also tried to reply to a question/post and, like used to happen sometimes, my entire response disappeared when I hit the button.

  • Was it still missing after you refreshed the screen? This happened a few times yesterday but on refreshing it came back. I think we need to get together a list of 'issues' and send them an email...

  • I got taken to News Feed after waiting, say, two minutes. So refresh would refresh that - not PMs.

    Have sent them an email already this morning. Number 7 of mine.

    Trying to co-ordinate a "these problems remain" email would be a real pain with the site playing up - I vote we each send emails with the problems we have.

    Have now needed to login twice every time I login. First attempt simply returns the blank login form again - second attempt (usually) works.

  • :( It's not going well, is it? :(

  • Not really! :( Am about to email them my thoughts...! :( xx

  • I am lacking any kind of motivation for the last two days, so challenging situations have been beyond me. I am finding it better for my wellbeing at the moment to just walk away, yesterday I went into complete meltdown and could not even cook a meal, just spent most of the day sitting staring into space.

  • Sorry you are having a tough time :( Don't worry about it if it is getting to you. There are a few of us around, and a few good members too, so don't worry. Look after yourself :)

    I have emailed support about these issues. Hopefully they'll do something soon!

  • If they are even around! They don't tend to work weekends! :( xx I have a long word document of problems, glitches and things I think just don't really work very well! :( Such a shame we couldn't have been given Beta mode access like last time! *sigh* x

  • They should be working this weekend! They can't roll out a new platform with a whole host of problems and not work the weekend to sort it out! Hopefully they are working on it and I can stop being outraged :D

  • Reply popped up in the wrong place - see below....

  • It does that but when you refresh, it's in the right place :)

  • Yeah me too! :( x

  • I've sent a message via my external email - let's see if anything transpires. This is insanity. I can feel it coming on...aaargh - they're coming to take me away, ha-ha, they're coming to take me away........

  • Stupid Q homepage! It just fills up with comments on the same Q - this one - not latest activity on all Qs!

    At least we have Guidelines now! :) xx


  • Marie - did you pin this? It's knocked my Pinned Guidelines post off the top! Surely that defeats the object of pinning? x

  • There is a major issue I noticed with pinning. Pinned posts appear in order of how recent they are, which means eventually the guidelines will move down to the bottom of the list even if others are removed leaving only a total of 4 pins. I think there should be a separate place for community guidelines where it stands out on it's own, like before. Then, from time to time, a blog could be pinned to remind people to check out the guidelines. I personally feel the guidelines need a permanent place of their own where they are always visible and are ever 'demoted' to the bottom of a list of pinned posts. Just my opinion ;)

  • I agree Carolyn! I assumed pinned posts would always be on top of the Q and Post pages - that's what pinning is for!! I am asking if we can have a 'Pinned' category without having to waste one of the 10.

  • Really there should be a 'box' above the pinned posts called 'guidelines' that each community can edit so they have their own. Then should come the pinned posts and then the 'Browse by category'. The guidelines should have their own priority spot on the right hand side above pinned posts. I know html and css, now I just need to learn hacking :D

  • No, I didn't pin it!

  • Me neither. I had one like this yesterday and I don't think anyone actually pinned it! More gremlins...

  • I am going to send them my email and then I am bowing out I'm afraid. Heather has not been well with a high temp, and I need to clean the house as the Sunday clean was off the menu last week due to Fundraising walk! ;)

    Good luck everyone!


  • Hope she feels better later. I'm around most of the morning and some of the afternoon but I'm not around much during the week. Happy cleaning :D

  • I'm getting the loading bar now but only on Thyroid site.

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