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Anyone else had problems with Medichecks?

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Hi all - has anyone else had issues using Medichecks? I’ve done a quick search on the forum and it looks like it might just be me! Their testing kits are fine, as is their online system where you get your results, but I find their customer services appalling. A couple of people I’ve spoken to have been helpful, but all other times I’ve received conflicting and inconsistent advice. And part of the reason why I have been speaking to them so much is that I’ve also had to chase most of my queries! Basically I get the sense that they’re just not that bothered.... Anyone else encountered this, or have I just been unlucky?

I also wouldn’t recommend anyone using the Medical Express Clinic, who they partner with in London - I’ve now had my blood drawn there twice and both times have ended up with a very bruised arm (see pic). I’ve told them about it, but again, they don’t seem to care...

I think I’ll switch to using Blue Horizons, even though they tend to be more expensive. But if anyone else has any thoughts, please let me know.

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I have always found them very helpful.

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bell22 in reply to bantam12

It really might just be me then! Either I’m very unlucky or maybe unreasonable/expect too much!

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to bell22

Some medical conditions mean we can bruise very easily

Adrenal issues and low vitamin C are both possible reasons

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bell22 in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks SlowDragon but that’s not it in my case - I have my blood drawn a lot and I’ve never had so much bruising. It’s made me realise what a skill phlebotomy really is!

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Saggyuk in reply to bell22

I've never had a problem with medichecks customer service - they've always gone out their way to answer any questions I have or change something and always call back to say it's been done so maybe you were just unlucky as I've always been extremely impressed?

In regards to phlebotomy, yes many are unskilled which is why i stopped using the GP practice nurses after one took 1.5 hours for one measly vial, was bruised all over and she tried to blame my veins. Most blood test takers say my veins are beautiful lol! This would be fault of the place you went to though rather than medichecks. I get mine done at the local nhs phlebotomy unit at a hospital and pay them £10 directly rather than the £25 through medichecks. They do blood tests all day every day so never had a problem there so maybe ring round :-)

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bell22 in reply to Saggyuk

Thanks, that’s a helpful tip re phlebotomy, not sure why I never considered that option! I work in London so it seemed more straight forward to pop into a Medichecks clinic, but I’ll look into what you suggest closer to where I live. And re their customer service, I guess I shouldn’t dwell on it too much, especially since it doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence. Thanks :-)

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Saggyuk

I wholeheartedly agree that it is a matter of their skill.

Always seems to me that the ones who allow the needle to waggle around after being inserted are the ones who cause bruising. Need to make the needle enter the vein, then carefully hold the needle thing, and pop the vacutainer in. That switch between pushing needle in and supporting is critical.

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AiryFairie in reply to Saggyuk

I did a Blue Horizon test last year. Having failed miserably with the finger-prick option I did ask at my local hospital if I could pay for them to do the blood draw. I was treated with much suspicion, and told I would have to have a letter from my GP requesting this, so I didn't bother! Went to a private hospital instead.

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bluebug in reply to AiryFairie

Odd hospital - I had tests for both providers done at my local NHS hospital. They do have a private wing which is probably why they weren't bothered about me giving them a kit.

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Saggyuk in reply to bell22

Oh also ensure you are well hydrated beforehand - makes a difference :-)

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researcherUK in reply to bell22

No, it is not you, Bell, and you are/have not been unreasonable.

I used to give blood and even though my veins are deep the nurses never had a real problem. One day a doctor did it and what a mess he made of it! The needle kept popping out and he only managed to get half a pint. I was also badly bruised. I think it's just a matter of luck. x

Try Kingston Hospital. They’re also a partner clinic. It’s quick and no hassle.

Used blue horizon was most impressed with the service, paid extra for the nurse to come to the house, she was excellent no problems taking blood sample, would use them again, just waiting on results.

I've PM'd bell22 about a London lab workaround and if anyone would like that information, please PM me.

It's great to have access to labs like Blue Horizons and Medichecks. I would just point out that Medichecks offer high-sensitivity C-reactive protein testing (hs-CRP) and Blue Horizons offer standard C-reactive protein. If you have any concerns about inflammation, it's worth doing the hs-CRP.

"The standard CRP test measures markedly high levels of the protein to detect diseases that cause significant inflammation. It measures CRP in the range from 10 to 1000 mg/L. The hs-CRP test accurately detects lower levels of the protein than the standard CRP test and is used to evaluate individuals for risk of CVD."

Medichecks do not charge more for the high-sensitivity test. In fact, they currently offer it as a stand alone test for £39, whilst Blue Horizons charge £49 for the standard CRP. Blue Horizons currently have the Thyroid Check Plus 11 (including standard CRP) for £99.15. The comparable test with Medichecks is the Thyroid Check UltraVit for £99, and includes high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

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bell22 in reply to wellness1

Very helpful! Thanks again!

I have used them in the past and did not have any problems. They did have to get another nurse to do the blood draw as I have difficult veins, but there was no bruising.

Thanks elderflower. Was this at Medical Express Clinic in London or somewhere else?

It was at the Medical Express Clinic.

Hi, you can often avoid bruising if you apply pressure to.the site after the blood has been drawn. A good nurse often gives you a cotton ball to hold against the site to avoid infection.

All too often I just seen a plaster just stuck on. One old school nurse used to yell keep you that pressure on or you'll get a bruise and make me look bad.

I presume its also why they wrap you up like an Egyption mummy after giving blood.

I recently had my results interpreted incorrectly, when questioned I received an apology as the Dr had missed the decimal point. If I had no knowledge enough to question, this could have been quite dangerous.

However, after amending his mistake suggested I was over medicated with a TSH at the exact bottom of the scale (low) and FT4 and FT3 both well below the low reference point. I noted that it was a general practitioner.

I think it can depend on who looks at the lab results just like anything really

Training to be a phlebotomist is a one day course. The girl who takes mine at the Drs is amazing - no marking; whereas the Dr is terrible. When he does it, it hurts like crazy and marks similar to yours.

I find Blue Horizon better. Medichecks take longer to report so nowadays I just say that I don’t want a Drs opinion - just send the results through and that speeds up the process. Best posting your results on here where the REAL experts are.

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