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Recommendations from the Thyroid UK Doctor list?

Hello lovely people. Eternally grateful for the advice I've been given here in the past. I'm now looking for recommendations from the Thyroid UK Doctor list.

I'm in London. I have TSH 5 and low T4 but T3 ok. I have very low Vit b12. I have a history of PCOS and insulin resistance, so I'd like to see someone has a broad understanding of endocrine problems and might be able to correctly diagnose me.

Doctors on the list are: Dr Sister, Dr chapman, Dr Adeniyi-Jones, dr Willis, Dr Callebout, Dr Sharma, Dr Forsyth, Dr Downing.

If you have experience with any of these doctors, please PM me!

Thanks very much.

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Hi Bonnitac, I will PM you. Have seen Dr Chapman last year, seen awful reports of one other on your list, got information on another, but someone else recommended a person in London to me (I live in Bedfordshire so not too far to travel) and I saw him on 1st September and he does help also with hormone / female related problems, so maybe able to help with your PCOS.



Great Georgina, sounds very interesting! Look forward to your pm. Thank you.


Just sent it. Its like a book! lol


I ended up seeing Professor C* and he is a lovely doctor and very pragmatic with which tests are needed for self funding patients.

*edited by admin in line with posting guidelines:

25. Do not post information about specific endocrinologists or doctors on the main board without their permission as this may result in unwanted attention from certain areas of the medical profession. If you wish to discuss a particular endocrinologist or doctor, you may mention his/her name and location, providing that you ask for comments by private message only.


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