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Thyroid Friendly GP list?


Is there such a thing as a thyroid friendly GP list on here? I ask not because I need one. But because I think I've found one!! It occurred to me that since GP's are the gatekeepers of access to Endo's in the first place, and a first port of call....then such a list would be an amazing resource for people to find the help they need locally.

Today my GP basically rubbished local lab ranges! I could have kissed her! I asked whether she would have expected my TSH to be higher in relation to my below range FT4. (It was slightly elevated at 4.73. This was out of range on the medichecks test it relates to but would be in range by NHS standards. She did another TSH last week that came back 1.9). She said "your TSH is too high. Your FT4 is too low. We need to bring TSH down and get FT4 up. Simple as that." I then asked about FT3/conversion etc and the inneffectiveness of dosing based on TSH alone. She outright told me that she would never be able to test FT3 due to funding restrictions placed on her by the NHS. She expressed frustration at this and the lab ranges they set to enable her to even do a T4 test. To get round this she has set herself up as a private practitioner with a lab in London and will do blood draws for full thyroid panel privately if patients request it and want to cover the lab fees. (more or less the same cost as a medichecks kit but with the benefit of my GP doing it all for me) She is also happy to write private prescriptions for NDT and T3 free of charge and APPARENTLY there is a pharmacist practically on our doorstep who supplies Armour on private prescription and is "hugely knowledgeable". I mentioned Thyroid UK and this forum to her and she was familiar with it, very positive about it and reinforced the recommendation of one of the thyroid friendly endos on the Thyroid UK list as she has worked with him! I also expressed my hesitance at starting on the Levo she has prescribed me just yet as I felt I wanted to wait until upcoming tests/appointments completed before embarking on what may be a lifelong medication. She said it was prescribed with a view to making me feel well as I was clearly suffering. "But if you want to wait I understand your reasons, and am absolutely happy to support you if that is your decision"!!! And so we are waiting.

It was all I could do to prevent myself from launching myself at her and hugging the woman to pieces!

Since moving to this surgery last week, while my physical symptoms are not improved, the mental load of the desperation and abandonment I felt under my previous GPs has lifted massively and for the first time in years I feel I have an advocate and hope of getting to the bottom of my issues; and in time returning to good health. That mental load has such an impact on us when we are trying to find every ounce of determination to "fight on". And it struck me that, a list of Thyro friendly GPs would be almost as (if not more) valuable than the endo list. So is there such a thing?

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That is great news, I hope that you continue with this GP and she stays at your practice.

I too found a new GP who turned out to be to be great, sadly she is leaving the practice in a couple of weeks so I am hoping that she can recommend another GP who works in the same way as she does with regard to treating thyroid issues.

I wish there were more like them about, I know exactly what you mean about the lifting of the mental strain that not being taken seriously does to your wellbeing.

I hope you are feeling much better very soon.

Oh that's a real shame for you. I do hope you find someone equally effective and understanding.

Yes the mental load can make things so much worse!


Yes there is a list so please email Dionne at Thyroid Uk with the info

Of GPs?

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Mainly endocrinologist or private GP's. Which she is as well. Obviously could be very helpful if people have difficult GP and are in your local area. It's always pot luck changing GP, so that sort of info is like gold dust.

I'll have to double check. Don't think she's a private GP per se but offering anew optional private service to her NHS patients if that makes sense?

It's ridiculous, really. Didn't someone here find out that a free T3 test cost under £1 to the NHS?

Seriously? That's outrageous if that's the case!

in reply to Portia1974

Yes, someone on here did FOI request (freedom of information)

FT3 test costs NHS just 92 pence

But instead thousands of patients have to get private testing

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