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Anyone tried any private doctor of the list (London)? Except doctor Peatfield, anyone to recommend?


I have to choose a good private doctor on the list the site gave me.

Basically I think I might be in need of changing medication,

Hoping to have the chance of trying armor thyroid

Instead of levothyroxine .

I read a lot about dr. Peatfield but he can't even prescribes

Medicines so anyone had other experimented other doctors in London?


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Answers by message please - thanks. :-)




Sorry what does it mean ?:)


Louise is asking that anyone who wants to give you info about a doctor they've seen, should send you a private message instead of posting the info publicly. :)


Ahhh ok!! But i read a lot of comments about

Doctors and their name.. ? Maybe you changed

The site policy?


We are really only able to mention Dr P and Dr S by name, as they are already known by the GMC and we don't want the GMC to become interested in any of the other good doctors.

Although Dr P is unable to prescribe any more, he can advise you where to get hold of the meds you need for about the same price as a private prescription would cost, so I wouldn't rule hime out :) xx


Ahhh I see! I'm from Italy sorry about that but what is the GmC?

Thanks in advance:)


GMC is short for General Medical Council and some people report doctors or some medical professionals complain to them about doctors not going by the guidelines. These doctors have then to appear in front of the GMC with their lawyers in order to defend themselves that they are 'helping' people to recover their health where the usual prescribed medicine is not making them well.

That's why we don't mention doctors names unless by private message.

To send a private message to a particular person you click on the photo or name and it takes you into the link where you can leave it - it is also private between both of you. It cannot be read on the forum.


Thanks a lot!:))




Hi Make sure you realise the difference between a private doctor and an endo ,it can be really important.




I have been with endos all my life, epseciallyin Italy..

Private and expensive.. And the problem in Italy is that we only have

The levothyroxine option so they didn't even try to consider

That maybe that wasn't for me..

I've also asked for some endo that might consider

Other medication than levothyroxine but I didn't have

Any replies about them! So I was checking this list!!


Hi you seem to have had a lot of bad luck. I saw an Italian cardiac surgeon once for a very serious problem,privately. Referred from my cardio. he walked in said you cannot have any operation it will kill you. He would not discuss it and walked out. So, keep trying!!

Best wishes,



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