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Started NDT but body temp decreasing?

I've been on NDT for nearly three weeks now and starting to feel a difference. I'm sleeping really well and my mood has definitely lifted (have suffered from insomnia and low grade depression for many years). Breathlessnes and aches in my joints have gone too, as well as a few other "niggles".

As suggested on this forum, I have been measuring my body temperature and pulse rate upon waking, and at 3 pm each day. When I started, my average waking temperature was around 35.9-36.1, but more recently it has gone down to around 35.7, whereas I was expecting it to increase slowly over time? Pulse is 55 on waking and often below 60 during the day, haven't really seen an increase in this either.

I started three weeks ago on 0.5 grains of NDT, and have been on 1.0 grains (split into two doses over the day), for two weeks now.

Is this normal?

Should I go up another half a grain in another two weeks?

On a separate note, as I was "in range" my GP wouldn't entertain the idea of a low dosage trial of levo, (and even some here advised against it), but surely if I didn't need extra thyroid hormones my body would be telling me by now, by way of palpitations, feeling hot etc?

As also advised on this forum, I've been supplementing vitamin B12 (was 224) and D3 (was 29) for past six months. Plan is to test thyroid after six weeks along with vitamins (Blue Horizon).

Last thyroid results, prior to starting NDT:-

FT4 15.2 (12-32)

FT3 4.85 (3.1 - 6.8)

TSH 1.3 (0.2 - 4.5)

All comments gratefully received!

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When you begin NDT, you increase the dose every two weeks by 1/4 or 1/2 gain until your symptoms are alleviated. I only take one daily dose of T3 as I find it annoying to try to fit in another dose no matter what. Of course your stomach has to be empty also as food interferes with the uptake of hormones.

Three weeks is no time at all and you are finding a small improvement.

Maybe this will help you.

Go to the date on the following link January 30, 2002. but the whole page is informative.

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Thanks, that looks like an interesting read!


Sometimes our temps don't return to what they used to be but you'll feel much better and warmer (if 'cold' was one of your symptoms.

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Well my hands are no longer cold, but it seems to have been the vitamin B12 that sorted that particular problem out!


Are all your clinical symptoms improving and disappearing. Do you feel your 'normal' health has returned? If so you are on sufficient if not you need a small increases till all is resolved.


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