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Anyone else having problems with their bladder but can't get to the bottom of it? I've had urine infections alot in the past and then in 2015 noticed I was going to pass urine alot, sometimes 3 times in a row thought it might be stress or a urine infection. Went to my doctor Dec 15 cause I was on a bus trip on a couple of occasions and felt I couldn't hold the urine. My doctor tested me for uti, it was clear so I started tablets for an overactive bladder. They help a little bit but not much I feel I can't go anywhere as I worry about going to the toilet, it's really embarrassing cause I have to go all the time. Recently I went to the doctor again cause my symptoms got worse. He tested my urine and as I suspected I had an infection. I was given antibiotics but once I finished the antibiotics I didn't feel any better. So I went back and was given a different antibiotic but my doctor said there was no nitrates in my urine but white blood cells present. He sent my sample to the lab to check for growth of bacteria but all was fine. Just finished my antibiotics feel even worse at the toilet every half hour but feel I need to pee the whole time and only manage to be comfortable sitting. I had plans to go hill walking and just socialise but feel this is taking over :( I think it's diabetes because I'm tired with sugar. My doctor says my glucose is fine and won't test me. He thinks it could be an inflamed bladder. I already lost my hair and had no hair for 4 years and also suffered hives for a year all cause they didn't recognise why I had these symptoms.

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  • Someone mentioned marshmallow root in a post yesterday. I'd never heard of it before so I did some reading. It is supposed to be excellent for irritable bladder conditions. Perhaps you could research it yourself?

  • Thanks I will have a look. I think all my problems are related to my thyroid or medication it's really frustrating one clears up another starts but this is definitely got to be the worst. I will get my blood results and I might need to speak more to my doctor about my thyroid results and medication.

  • Actually bladder infections can be down to low iodine levels. GP's used to advise the use of 'antiseptics' in the 1950/60's, they contained iodine. Iodine excess comes out in the urine via the kidney, iodine is both anti bacterial and antiviral.


  • I have had one UTI after the other! I had a ct scan Friday and a cystoscopy is scheduled. Can that be related to your thyroid? My thyroid hormone is elevated at the moment and need to have my levothyroxin reduced.

  • Do you do a lot every time you go? Or is it just a trickle? It could be that you aren't emptying your bladder completely, so it fills up quickly again. Just a thought.

  • It varies and I know it's not normal.

  • Yes, well... I was wondering if perhaps you have a prolapse - bladder, uterus, colon - which is stopping you emptying your bladder completely. Does happen.

  • I'm going back to my doctor so hopefully he may be able to do further tests or refer me for further examination. I don't always have problems emptying my bladder sometimes I can pee for 1min or 2. It varies but it's less if I have an infection. But that's not always the case.

  • I think that you need to ask to be refereed for further investigation. This is something that most patients put up with and fail to let their GPs know how socially awkward it is to live in the loo - let alone life changing. Keep going to a GP that will answer your questions and is willing to take action on your behalf. My GPs actually seem to take more notice of a letter than me sitting in front of them and it allows me to clearly lay out all the relevant symptoms.

  • My doctor does listen to me. I just need to keep going till it's sorted but I think it's related to my thyroid so I think it's all down to my thyroid meds and my results.

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