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Hi, I have protein and leucocytes in my urine (I get repeated urine infections and antibiotics haven't been much help) and I had a bladder ultrasound done. The sonographer told me at the time the scan was normal but when I went to my appointment for a follow up at the urology department I looked through the report on the scan (when the urologist was out of the room and I was curious) and it says that "the lining of the bladder is thin upon scanning and there was a 4 cubic cm of fluid left in the patient's bladder post-micturition." I didn't feel it was my place to question the consultant when he came back because then he would have asked me how I would have known about that even though it was in my file. He wants me on an anti-cholergenic drug that will in his words help my brain identify the need to go for a wee. At the moment I have no urge to go and have no thirst instinct switched on. He wants the thirst instinct switched back on and the medication will do that.

The trouble I have with the medication I've been prescribed is that it's meant for patients with Parkinson's Disease and one of the side-effects listed is tachycardia! Since the 50mcg T4 I'm on is meant to regulate the heart rate and otherwise improve metabolism would that mean that if I were to take this anti-cholergenic I could end up tachycardic? Is taking this medication such a good idea? I have my doubts. Thanks :)

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  • Are your thyroid levels optimum or have you always been told they are 'normal', which usually means your GP is just going by TSH being in the middle of the range? Reason I ask is that UTIs and bladder problems are common with poorly treated hypothyroidism. Ask for your most recent thyroid results and post here with reference range. 50mcg is a low dose and is probably doing you no good at all. I would not take the medication, until I had researched and decided it was absolutely necessary.

  • Hi there, my thyroid levels were done at the end of September. They are: TSH - 0.51 (0.2-4.2)

    Free T4 - 14.9 (12-22)

    Free T3 - 3.9 (3.9-6.7)

    GP says they are normal.

  • This is interesting what you have written Hennerton. I have recently had two bladder infections and have been given antibiotics which I hate. My Gyno has given me Estriol pessaries to help. Just started them. Also Endo upped me back up to 75mcgs T4 was on 50mcgs(knew was too low, dropped down from 100mcgs), because they do that when they put you on the T3. My hair has been falling out and he has said ferritin not high enough so has given me Iron tablets too. Hypothyroidism has so so many symptoms......

  • Starla, good job you did take a look at your notes, they are about you. Now at least you know. If it had been me I would have told him I looked and asked him to explain himself. These consultants are not gods, they are there to help us, not keep information about our health away from us. Knowledge is power!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks. :) I'm tempted to complain but I feel that'd make me look like a bunny boiler.

  • Does it matter what they think Starla, they probably think that about all of us that don't do as we are told.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks. :) I've put a complaint to them now so I might hear back.

  • Let me/us know how you get on.

  • You could ask whether they've taken your thyroidism and medication into account when prescribing. Or you could maybe ask your pharmacist whether the two meds sit well together. Then you don't need to tell the consultant you peeked.

    Margo is absolutely right: those notes are about you and your health. You have every right to see them. As you have the right to see the results of tests done on bits of you.

  • The urologist did not look to see what medications I take. This consultant said he will send the prescription request to my GP and they'll call me to let me know it's ready. He said it would be ready today but I've been to speak to the practice and they've told me they haven't received any script. So I'm going to try again tomorrow.

  • Hell's Bells - you are surrounded by medical incompetents! What is the matter with these people?

  • Have you tried D-Mannose for your bladder infections? Dr Myhill has information on bladder infections on her website that would be worth reading. Here are some links for you

    Irritable Bladder Syndrome or Allergic Bladder

    Urinary infections - must be treated promptly

  • Thanks for links, no, I haven't tried D-Mannose for the bladder infections but I'm willing to try if it works and it does the job. Looking at the links you provided I do feel I have problems coming from the gut re the irritable bladder but how would I know how to treat the gut problems? Whatever I eat never agrees with my stomach and whenever I go round the shops there is very little I can choose that I get no reaction to.

    Re the urinary problems link - I have no desire to pee, no fever, I don't feel good but I thought that could be the hypo, I've had pain in the bladder last night but this has now gone, pee doesn't smell great either and there is no blood in my pee.

  • D-Mannose was the only thing that cured my urine infections. Antibiotics don't. There is D-Mannose & D-Mannose......... Some are not that pure and not good strength. From website Sweetcures is the best. My own GP even told some of her patients to try it as I's had such good results - she is a rare GP!

    The website has a lot of info on the Protocol for using it. You have to persevere, take as suggested and keep going for a few weeks - But it does work.

    Good Luck


  • Thanks for the advice. :) Your GP sounds like a keeper. I once had a brilliant GP at my old practice who was really accepting of alternative therapies/supplements - but she recently left. :( GPs like yours seem to be a rare find these days.

  • Very interesting articles RedApple thanks for those.

  • Just to say I'm still waiting on a response from the hospital department's manager and I'm still waiting on the prescription from the urologist to get to my surgery. The urologist said the GP will be contacting me to let me know it's ready for pickup and that it would be ready by Wednesday but I've had no phone call and no voice mail message. GP practice hasn't seen this prescription either.

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