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I had a UTI a month ago, my GP prescribed Cefalexin 250 mg


This UTI seemed to go after this course of Cefalexin 250mg four times a day, but the then it came back my urine smelt bad, I went to A and E dept after I finished a 12hr shift at work, my bladder was hurting so much and eventually passing a little blood, I was put on Nitrofuratoin 50mg four times a day, I was getting a headache and after 3 days got a full blown migraine and was so sick and so desperately tired, I went to my GP who sent a sample off and said wait for the results then he can prescribe the correct antibiotic, mean time I have to wait a week for the results, my bladder does not feel 100% at present and I feel so tired, have slept for days but still feel exhausted, then to end my tale of woe, my back decided to give out, it seized up, at least that is getting a little better now. I was just wondering if anyone else suffers with UTI's

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I went through a terrible time with recurrent UTI and then yeast infection back in 1992. Finally after riding the UTI/candida roller coaster, took the Nitrofurantoin for 100 days, reducing the dose from 4 times per day for 3 weeks, then 3 times per day for 3 weeks, then 2 times and 1 time to end. And used something for the yeast as well. Never got another one since but I follow above rules but (TMI here:) got rid of that man. I'm sure this had something to do with it all.

I had pyelonephritis in 1976... that was so painful. Back pain and fever plus the usual UTI symptoms. I'd have to lie perfectly still for 4 hours in order for the pain to stop. Antibiotics cleared it up after a few terrible days. So when a UTI starts to cause back pain and fever, that's a red flag.

Nowadays I have rules for preventing UTI. UTI infections originate from feces. The best ways to prevent them is a.) wipe front to back b.) wash well after bowel movements (brown streaks in underwear are just another infection waiting to happen. It's a moist location and bacteria go everywhere. c.) don't wear tight underwear d.) wash before sex and pee afterwards no matter how much you want to relax e.) get partner to wash before too f.) kind of TMI but, use lube if you need it. (And yes, I have daughters and they both got mom's 'lecture' a number of times......)

Hennerton in reply to gabkad

I watched a television programme recently, where supermarket trolley handles were tested for bacteria and to my surprise, not only were many of them seething with nasty bugs but one bug in particular could cause UTIs. So, it is not just our own hygiene about which we must be particular. Disinfect trolley handles with a wet wipe and wash your hands as soon as you return home, being careful not to touch eyes, mouth and nose while in the supermarket, as this is how the bacteria gets into our system. Sounds a bit anal but I am trying hard to remember. Not all supermarkets were implicated. Waitrose and M&S passed the test with flying colours!

gabkad in reply to Hennerton

An awful lot of people do not wash their hands after going to the toilet, especially after having a bowel movement. I've been taught by a microbiologist that it takes 1 second for fecal bacteria to pass through 5 layers of toilet paper. So unless you wrap toilet paper on your hand so it looks like a boxing glove, washing after pooing is critical.

Plastic stuff harbours bacteria. Stainless steel does not. Your worst contaminated thing at home is your keyboard! Good luck.

One of my personal freakout moments was when I read about the deaths of newborn twins in the maternity ward of a hospital here in Ontario back in 1984 (a couple of months before I gave birth to kid no. 2). The hospital was not in Toronto. A woman in the same room had salmonella diarrhea. She messed up the taps in the washroom without maybe realizing it. The other mother used the washroom and turned on and turned off the tap not knowing the fixture was contaminated. She inadvertently passed the salmonella to her twins. They died.

That incident was just horrifying! When I was in hospital I made sure I used the hallway washroom that had those large tap things a person can turn with their arm. I was in a 'ward' room with several women and family coming and going all the time. Everyone was using the washroom in the room. It was super ultra gross.

Stray in reply to Hennerton

OMG..........I didn't realise this, you are right, there are so many that do not wash their hands after using the loo and out come the dirty hands on the trolley...yuck..........wheres my wipes or should I wear protective gloves......

gabkad in reply to Stray

I have a tub of activated hydrogen peroxide wipes in the passenger foot well of my car..... are you kidding? One time a cashier, after sneezing into her hand and wiping her snotty face, took my debit card........ I took it back and carried our of the store as if it was a dead mouse, by the tail........ went to my car and wiped everything. Disgusting. Next stop on that day's shopping? Same thing happened again! It was unbelievable. But those pin pad things? Gross again.

The first thing I do when I get home is wash my hands. Also wipe down the steering wheel, gear shift, brake handle etc. in the car. I'm not a germ phobe, but there's limits.

What about gross men who touch produce in the supermarket. Who knows what they did with that hand before they went shopping. Wash your fruits and vegetables!

It wouldn't surprise me at all if there is fecal matter on shopping cart handles.

Hennerton in reply to gabkad

There was definitely E. coli and then others too numerous for me to remember.

gabkad in reply to Hennerton

E. coli is a normal inhabitant. However, there are variants that are pathogenic.

Hennerton in reply to gabkad

Not normally of trolley handles, I had hoped!

Hennerton in reply to Stray

Yes, it is horrible to contemplate and in the programme, they put a fluorescent dye on the trolley handle and then showed how as the shopper selected food, such as fresh fruit, veg, etc, these became marked by the dye and presumably any germs from the handle. I am feeling neurotic every time I go shopping!

Ellie-Louise in reply to Stray

My particular irk is that if I'm out somewhere and have to visit the toilet, I'll wash my hands and then dry them carefully, but then I have to figure out the best way of leaving without touching much of the door handle especially if I see someone come straight out of a cubicle and leave without washing!

Eek! the dirty buggers, they obviously have not been brought up properly.

Also the keyboards on ATMs, copiers and computers. I have an equipment cleaning business and some of the studies we give out in our literature are really yucky. One is about a workplace survey and has the title "Your computer is dirtier than your toilet seat". No need to say more.

What is the best way to clean these please? I try not to use antibacterial wipes as I feel they are just another noxious substance in my life, getting into my body.

Just a microfibre cloth, canned air and special low conductivity cleaner (but you'd get away with a liquid kitchen and bathroom, or tile and glass cleaner). Spray cleaner on to cloth, not keyboard. Hold upside down first and bang back (not if it's a laptop!) to remove dust. Then use canned air/air duster to blow out the dust. We would then use special microfibre brushes and cleaner to get between the keys (try a credit card) and finish off with a microfibre cloth. Also OK for a CRT monitor.

If you have a flat screen, you can buy spray cleaner for those. Again, cleaner goes on the cloth, not the screen. Unless you've poked at it with greasy fingers or it's not been cleaned for years, you often won't need cleaner at all, just the cloth. Don't use screen wipes, they are terrible - too wet.

Thank you. Excellent advice. iPad here I come!

Last time you posted people gave you advice about having B12 and Folate tested. Am wondering what your results were ? I would also suggest adding a VitD test to those - VitD is anti-inflammatory - a steroidal pre-hormone and every cell in your body has a receptor for both thyroid hormone and VitD. I am guessing yours will be low.... Your 100 mcg of T4 will not convert into the ACTIVE T3 unless your results were optimal and you have increased that very LOW Ferritin result....

Do hope you soon feel better. I have Crohns and take 10,000IU's of D....along with other bits and pieces :-)

Stray in reply to Marz

hi and thank you, as I have new GP I doubt if he will do another blood test as he recently did an MOT on me just a short while ago, but I am going to invest in B12, Vit D3 as a few people have told me how important it is..........by mistake I got B12 compound which is not the same as B12

Marz in reply to Stray

MOT or FBC - the Full Blood Count - does not include B12 - iron - Ferritin - Folate - VitD....you need to know your baseline first before supplementing.

It might be useful to have a thyroid blood test, first because you may not be optimally medicated in spite of what you are told and secondly because one of the antibiotics for UTI s can affect thyroid meds and prevent absorption, which may account for your still feeling bad. In UK it is known as Ciprofloxacin, which sounds a bit like Cefalexin. Names of antibiotics may vary a little but the basic antibiotic will be the same. I had a UTI which took four different antibiotics to clear and ended up very under medicated and could not understand why. You may need just a temporary increase of meds to get yourself back on track.

gabkad in reply to Hennerton

Cefalexin is not ciprofloxacin. Too very different beasties.

Stray in reply to gabkad

i agree they are both different types of antibiotics and thank you for replying

Stray in reply to Hennerton

I have had cefalexin 500mg for a uti in the past and it has worked well, I had ciprofloxacin for my flare up of diverticulitis, both different types of antibiotics, I have a new GP who does not really know me and how I react to certain medication, I am sure after a few visits he will understand me a little better. But thank you for the info.........much appreciated.......

Good. I was given it, even though my notes must show I have no thyroid and am on medication but it was too late before I realised.

I noticed that you work 12 hours shifts. Us ladies unfortunately don't like using public loos. So we don't drink enough fluid because then we need to pee. But we do need to pee more often. It's pretty amazing actually how dehydrated we sometimes are.

Ever had one of those pelvic ultrasounds where the instructions are to drink however many ounces of water before the test? Did it and was told, your bladder is not full.........sheeesh. That was certainly a wake up call. Still don't like peeing at work.............

Stray in reply to gabkad

12 hour shifts at a residential home for the elderly, I am working in an environment with lots of hmmmmmmm.........shall I say.......poo and leaky bladders, although PPE is used and cleaning of the hands must be 1,000 times a day, I was wondering if you can breathe in germs???????........I deal with the care and welfare of the elderly up to the end of days........as I am a senior care there are certain tasks I do that involve testing for UTI's

Also, drink plenty of water, barley water is good to help cleanse the bladder. And cranberry tablets help to fight germs in the bladder too, or cranberry juice if you like it. I hated it so that's why I took the tablets. Drinking lots of water helps to dilute the acidic urine so it doesn't sting as much. Clemmie

Hi Stray,

Constant, recurring bladder infections was one of the symptoms that made me seek help from Dr Peatfield 3 years ago. He diagnosed conversion problems of T4 to T3, plus a need for adrenal support.

I haven't had a bladder problem since I stopped the T4.

I don't know if that is relevant to your situation.

Best wishes for getting it sorted.


I have had infection after infection. I recently went into hospital for some tests, as I had a TVT mesh fitted for incontinence and they thought it might be causing recurrent infections. Everything was fine. So no one can say why I keep getting them. I am extremely paranoid about hygiene. It appears that some residual bacteria can remain in the bladder. I had my bladder washed out and haven't had an infection since June. I think the antibiotics you took were causing your headaches, I had the most horrendous ones whilst on those. Another tip I was given was to make sure I emptied my bladder properly as most of us don't. So even when you think you have done, wait and see if you can pass a little more. It might sound daft, but anything is better than these infections. Good luck

someone left you hygenic preventitive for UTI. I will tell you that menopausal + thyroid women very prone to UTI and yeast. Here is how it is handled in USA. We buy probiotic called UP4 women. It has cranberry in it as well. We take with food. 2 capsules a day. My doc says when you feel you can't pass urine, drink lots of water, cranberry juice and eat a banana. Feel better soon. The blood is not something with UTI. You probably have an additional infection that is not making you well. These things take time. My bad UTI took 1 month to clear until good bacteria took over the fight.

I've never had a UTI, although I used to get thrush a lot as a teenager. I read that D-Mannose and cranberry juice was as effective in tests as anti-biotics. Thrush stopped when I went off the pill in my early 20s and stopped wearing tights.

My slight urinary incontinence stopped when I a) got an electric shock machine =- which tones the muscles and b) went on biohrt - which restores the surrounding tissue.

Stray in reply to thegemprincess

am taking probiotics, 10 million bacteria per capsule and have been taking this for 3 months, I haven't suffered with thrush with my course of antibiotics...........

take up4women probiotic especially for uti PLUS and other probioticdaily

My daily intake is total 50 billion

ok.thank you

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