Bladder infections

Are bladder infections linked with hypothyroidism? I have been getting a lot of pelvic cramps and nausea that went away after I had a wee this morning. My wee hurt when it came out and it was a pale green colour with fizzy bits floating about in it. Several dipstick tests came back showing high leukocytes, white blood casts and protein in urine and I have been prescribed Trimeoprim a few times to treat it and I am guessing this will happen again. Any ideas please?

Thank you in advance.

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No other medication except thyroid meds, would that cause it? I have suffered from interstitial cystitis when I was young.

Levothyroxine 25mcg

CRP and ESR I have been told are normal so no inflammation.

Thank you, it was when I last had one and I went back to the practice to find out if anything further was found. I was told no further action required.

Thank you, the receptionist showed me the screen comments which said no further action required from pathology lab. Renal function test showed protein and globulin were high. Kidney function normal. eGFR >90

Martine, if you have protein and high globulin you should have further tests as neither is normal, ask for further investigations.

I have been told that protein in urine is a thyroid thing and fairly common andthat sending me to have a camera was unnecessary! They did the tests anyway as I was there but nothing sinister found.

Hypothyroidism can lower white blood cell counts (called Leukactyes in reports) and make people prone to infection. The high levels in your urnine indicate that all is well though. While is may sound odd, you actually need acid urine with a UTI, the bugs don't like it. That's part of the reason that Cranberry juice (unsweetned) and Vitamin C both help.

These infections most often travell from the bottom up so be careful to wipe front to back, and I find bleeching the toilet helps.

Trimethoprim was not effective for me when I suffered from water infections. I believe it to be one of the cheaper anti biotics. Sounds like you need a different anti biotics to clear this up.

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