Kidneys and thyroid

Hi all has anyone here on this brill site suffered with kidney problems due to their thyroid. I've Hashis and for the past month have been dealing with pain in my right side radiating through my back by my rib cage. Ended up in A an E three times they said I was constipated but I'm definately not. Had to go back to my doc today as pain is driving me nuts. Hospital ruled out kidney stones but found trace of blood and white cells in urine sample. Gave me antibiotics but doc tested today and still blood and white cells. They also ruled out appendices. I've been having issues with my bladder since last April when I went overactive for a while. Does anyone else suffer with this type of pain and have tested for traces of blood but no infection in their cultures. I'm having an ultrasound Monday morning and hopefully a referral to a urologist. I'd appreciate any advice. My thyroid bloods are the best they've been for a long time but this is wearing me down. I'm completely exausted but only this past month since this reared its ugly head. Sorry for the long post. Mauds

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  • I'm sorry you're having such problems, Mauds. Hypothyrodism can impair kidney/bladder function until hormone levels are restored and UTIs can ensue.

  • Thanks Clutter UTI ruled out just wish I could find out why I'm geting infections but clear cultures hopefully I'll get some answers on Monday.

  • Maud's........Did anybody mention Gallstones to you? If not I'm surprised as you say that the pain was below the right rib cage and can radiate through to the back.

    Gallstones would show up on an ultrasound,but I don't know anything about the blood traces though.

    I hope you get diagnosed soon.....

  • They only did an X-ray of my tummy in the A an E I don't know if that would show gallbladder but the scan on Monday will be of my kidney gallbladder pancreas so hopefully some answers if not then I don't know what's going to happen. Thanks for reply

  • Had stage 3 kidney disease prior to starting Thyroid S - Now - Kidneys fine..

  • That's brill I'm seeing a private endo and hopefully going down armour route in August. What were your symptoms. Thanks

  • Hi hope you don't mind me asking - I have CKD 3 and a GFR that has ranged from mid 50s to low 40s.

    What was your GFR, how long have you been on NDT and what is GFR now?

  • Hello Maud. I won't be of much help but I am going through something similar. I had a scan of my kidneys yesterday and everything appears normal. I see the urologist on 3rd August for a flexible tube and camera to see what my bladder is up to. I have no discomfort at all in that department, except for a few nights when I did have burning in my side and back. My issue is the drop in ferritin levels and newly diagnosed Hashimoto's. But because I'm on warfarin the GP wants to rule out internal microscopic bleeding. Can it just be a thyroid issue? It's now 'normal' for me to have 2/3+ of blood in my pee. I've read somewhere that the filtration of the kidneys is slower and can result in non visible bleeding. Hope we both get answers. Keep in touch x

  • Thanks for replying I sometimes think it is my thyroid I'm hoping to get to try armour end of August I really feel everything went wrong with my thyroid when Mercury pharma took over eltroxin.

  • CKD can affect T3 levels and it seems hypothyroidism also affects kidney disease.

    I've had my kidneys scanned but not sure I got any results other than kidneys are a little small. My bladder holds a lot of urine well though apparently!

    Good luck with your scan.

  • Thanks I haven't gone on Armour yet and I haven't any idea about my kidney function. I've just changed doctors and this Dr. can't believe I've been left for so long with these symptoms and just getting fobbed off with antibiotics so hopefully the referral to urologist will be soon and I'll get some answers.

  • Like Marfit74 said I think it sounds like you have gallstones. Having suffered pain in the area you are describing for over 5 years I eventually saw a new GP that recognised the symptoms as gallstones. I was rushed in back in May and had my gallbladder removed. My pain was high up in my abdomen and went through to my back. I would describe it as worse than being in labour, and my son was back to back with me so that might go to showing how much pain I was in. The ultrasound will confirm if its gallstones. Good luck with getting a diagnosis there is nothing worse than pain.

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