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just had phone consultation.....she cant be serious

just spoke to dr regarding thyroid results TSH 13.7

told her again im struggling with T3 and asked for thyroxine to take alongside it

you would have thought i asked for her to get blood out of a stone

she was shocked that i suggested it as she has never prescribed thyroxine with T3 before and will now get advice from my endo (you know the one who increased T3 because i had low T4)

i explained its ok together and that nature throid that i was prescribed contained levo and lio but she is determined to get advice from my endo who refused last year when asked (may be different now ive complained about her to PALS)

been really depressed lately and not sleeping well so asked for trazodone as that helped me sleep before so thats in the chemist ready for me to collect later

oh and she is allso said its fine having a TSH OF 13.7 and its not in anyway dangerous.........its fine i just feel like im dying

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What??!! A TSH of 13.7 is fine??!! Have they got SFB?? Unbelievable.

I haven't read all your posts mandy72 so don't know the whole story, but taking T3 only should suppress your TSH. It doesn't sound like either your endo or GP know what they're doing.

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im hoping to soon get a dose i can manage

cant go on like this

self medicating is the way forward


Hi Mandy72

Such is the battle that we have with the so called experts! One of the doctors i saw recently couldnt understand why i took levo and lio and the mood i was in i wasnt going to tell him either! It is very worrying that those less clued up than us are being kept very ill by the medical profession due to their lack of knowledge.


surely it would make sense for them to at least try on the combo for 6 weeks and see if theres any change

but no the book says no so tough poopy


im in the same boat - however i only have a 5.8 reading, and i feel like im dying lol..

i am trying to getr my dr to prescribe me with t3, as im currently taking levo


its a no win battle nowadays


A TSH of over 13 is completely fine and totes normal.

That is, if you attended Clown school instead of medical school.

Did she have a nose you can "honk"? Because she should have.

Can you see or speak to someone else as a matter of urgency before the weekend? Try and get some levo sorted out?


you know what i think she did go to clown school lol

im taking 50mcg levo with my T3 (its a combo pill but fitting in with my dosing) 25 t3, 12.5 t3 and 50 t4, 12.5 t3

im not telling her that yet but i will in 6 weeks when i go for my next lot of bloods and things have hopefully got better

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