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in need of thyroxine

can someone please mail me links as to where i can buy thyroxine please

im still having no luck getting it off my dr as endo wants me on T3 only

dosing 75mcg thyroxine 20mcg liothyronine and feeling a bit better

before seeing endo i was on 62.5mcg tiromel TSH 0.50 and she said i was over medicated and wanted my TSH mid friggin way

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Mandy72 why do you want to add T4 to your T3? You're right about refusing to get your TSH in mid 'mid range'.


wasnt feeling right on T3 alone so tried 75mcg levo and 20mcg T3 and i am slowly improving

now the dr is refusing to prescribe levo even though im doing better on it because endo wants me on 40mcg T3 split into 2 doses


We know what's best for us and I'm sure you'll do fine. A slow improvement is far better than no improvement.


i did feel better on T3 for a while and then it was just like something was missing and i started going downhill fast and when endo dropped my dose i decided to take things into my own hands and now i cant get levo.........people are fighting for T3 and im fighting for levo it just dont figure


I just sent u a DM!!!!

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If TSH is NOT suppressed by thyroid hormone supplementation, many folk do not feel back to normal. On the other hand, the endos may have a point in saying that the TSH should be "In range" (For the wrong reason).

TSH contributes to Iodine absorption, so in theory, by suppressing your TSH, you are down-regulating your Iodine metabolism, a process made even worse by Estrogen Dominance. This process of down-rgulated Iodine metabolism, may account for the excess of breast cancer cases in those who are supplementing with thyroid hormone.

So, supplement with Iodine then to protect against breast cancer?

Granted that research shows that many folk in the UK are Iodine deficient and that there appears to be an association between Iodine deficiency and breast cancer.

However, this becomes complicated because it is stated that Iodine supplementation is liable to make Hashimoto's worse.

On the other hand, provided that :

A. One is supporting the antioxidant system etc with the so-called "Companion Nutrients" (Vitamin C, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin B complex, described in this Link:


B. Adrenal function is normal (As assessed by the Adrenal Stress Index test)

It seems that the thyroid gland is protected against Hashimoto-type activity in the situation of Iodine supplementation


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