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Your T3 is in normal range!!


I had my appointment with my doctor regarding the saga and me paying for my own T3 bloods as i am not getting better!

I alsdo put up my thyroxine myself from 75mg to 100 mg every other day as my symptoms were so bad!

Well i did not get any sympathy and when i showed her the T3 results she looked at me and said they are normal!!..so my T3 at 3-7 is fine despite the range being from 3.1-6.8

She really was not happy i had said then i felt thos was too low and i wasnt getting better!

She said right lets put up you Thyroxine to 100mg daily but i must remind you are putting yourself at risk of cardiac arrest!

I am not well still for gods sake!#

I asked if we could consider other meds..stony silence...so i demanded an Endo referrral ehich she is doing as she says they will feel the same you need to look at a lifelong condition but im sure its stress your experencing!!..yes i said because your not listening to me and how i feel and i feel rubbish!

i have to have my TFT bloods done in a month T3 no....so now i feel like im a hypocondraic and really am so sad....greygoose said my T3 was low but the gp says it is NORMAL!

I know ahe doesnt want to know it!!

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And Greygoose will say it agin: your FT3 is way too low and your doctor is ignorant! She doesn't know that 'in range' doesn't mean 'optimal'. Yes, it's in range, just, but so what? It isn't high enough for a person to be well on. And if she doesn't know that, well...

And, what's more, Greygoose would have no hesitation in saying it to her face, if she were here: Madame, (I won't grace her with the title 'doctor') you are ignorant!

I'm sorry you feel so sad, Jayne, but it happens all the time. Doctors, in their 7 plus years at med school, spend one afternoon on the most important gland in the body. And what they learn in that afternoon is controlled by Big Pharma (yes, ok, I'm obsessed with BP!). It's in Big Pharma's interest that they don't know enough to make their thyroid patients well. Big Pharma makes too much money out of us whilst we're sick! But what's sadder is that the doctors don't have the intelligence, or the humanity, to think for themselves. I'm sure that if I were a doctor, I would be thinking, hang on a minute, this isn't working, why is my patient still so ill? But, apparently, they don't.

Still, at least she is referring you to an endo. What you have to do now is make sure you get a good one. I believe there is a list of good endos on the TUK site, choose one from there and insist that she refers you to him/her.

Hugs, Grey x


I don't know why we have to fight to get back our health. This is a link re heart etc which I hope gives you some info.


It is just not the cost of feeling so unwell, unable to go to work or run your home but having to then spend money to go private and some just do not have the funds. It is despicable.


Thanks yes i agree...i have no choice with the endo its the one they use or be damded...when i mentioned conversion she was like you are converting goodness im unsure on what you think isnt happening..Jayne there are very acute cases and yours is a very normal scenario!!

i hope not..so now what to approach the endo with as i think im gonna get nowhere here x


And I will second Greygoose's opinion! It is far too low! You are not going to be at risk of cardiac arrest from increasing your dose. You might be if you don't increase it though! Why on earth does she think you would be at risk of cardiac arrest from an increase if your T3 is at the bottom of the range? You are not at risk until your T3 is above the range, and even then many people are not at risk. It would be sensible to aim or the upper half of the range.

I hope you can convince your GP but, if not, please do consider seeing someone else as she clearly knows nothing about thyroid disorders, other than how to tell if a number is within a range or not!

Carolyn x


Thank you all.

Now i have to think of my plan with the endo...and having bloods done in a month that only show TSH and T4 again is pointless!

i think this is to see if she thinks im becoming HYPER!

just a lottery where you live and which treatment you get so sad...i want to go on honeymoom on march 12th well..last holiday was marrde by my new diagnosis of hypo in dec 11.....come on lets sort this now


Dont forget to tell yr expert endo that you are trying for a baby for xxx yrs. Or use that one as a last resort.

In the meantime make sure u are asking for stuff for dizzyness, aches , indigestion, physio, skin stuff etc. Anything that is more expensive than thyroid treatment. You can ditch these when they clear up after thyroid treatment.


A baby?

I've had hysterectomy over 18 years ago ! Not sure why I need to lie


Hi make sure you see a good endo, not the GP`s choice. I need my FT3 right at the top of range, this is quite usual and T4 on treatment about top third of range. I hope this helps.



I have edited out the Dr's name.

Please bear in mind that all open Qs and blogs appear here - thanks.





ok sorry x


I have the same range for fT3 as you at my lab. When diagnosed with sub-clinical hypoT, my fT3 was 4.1 and I had lots of horrible symptoms. After taking 50mcg of thyroxine, my fT4 shot up but fT3 dropped to 3.9. I still felt awful. On 1/2 a grain of Armour it was 2.9 and I was barely functioning. My last test was 4.6 and I was better but not great. I have recently increased again and am feeling much better. I don't know what my fT3 is now but suspect over 5.0.

It really sounds like you really need some T3 to me :)

Just my experience but hope it helps ;) xxx


ClareBear i agree..

Lets hope somebody listens but i admit im not hopeful..wonder if the endo agrees with doc and says its ok where it is ...T4 is not doing it alone i want to sort this out soon before i have no hair!!...thank you x


I have looked back over your posts but do not see any results for;

serum iron

serum ferritin


vitamin D


Please do get these from your GP. You need the results and the reference ranges.

Do not accept the term 'normal' from your GP. Being low in any of these will affect how you are feeling and it is possible to take supplements to improve the levels.

As others have advised, your FT3 in too low and only just in range. Hopefully, when you see an endo he will agree. Some endos will prescribe T3 but most will want to increase your thyroxine meds first to see if that helps. This has been my experience but eventually I was prescrbed T3.


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