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blood test results

Hi could anyone explain these results, please find the range in brackets.

TSH 2.33 (0.4 - 5.0)

FT4 14.0 (9.0 - 19.0)

FT3 5.47 (2.6 5.7)

Vit D 46.3 (50+)

Parathyroid 7.1 (1.2 - 6.9)

I take 62.5 levothyroxine and a tiny bit of t3 0.5 mcg or even less (it helps) and still don't feel good and cant tolerate any higher dose.

how is it that the t3 is on the high end of the range considering the t4 and tsh are not?

why do i still feel hypothyroid with such levels of t3?

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Please can you edit your post to add in the ranges. The numbers are meaningless without the ranges. And can't answer your other questions without knowing where in the range your results fall.


Hi, thanks.

are there any other ways to determine thyroid resistance?

is thyroid resistance connected to hashimotos?

also I'm unable to take any higher dose than i'm on now.


IT looks like all your thyroid parameters are within the normal range and indeed you are fortunate to achieve a balanced T3 and T4 status while your TSH is also within t he normal range. Most hypo suffererers have to blast their TSH out of range i.e. below 0.2 to acheive the higher functional levels of T3 and T4. Your Vit D is on the low side so take a supplement or better still get outside and get some sunshine on your skin to create in naturally. Your parathyroid is unrelated to your thyroid function its just a similarity in the name. Your parathyroid controls calcium levels so maybe you need to drink ingest more calcium containing foods like dairy. Vit D assists in calcium absorption and supplements often combibe Ca with vit D.


thanks for clarifying


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