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Feeling awful keep getting told my blood results are fine can anyone check please

Hi everyone had my results back earlier it says . .SERUM TSH LEVEL 0.21 mU/L. (0.27-4.20). "LOW" .SERUM FREE T4 LEVEL 18.8 pool/L (11.0-25.0). .Se thyroid per oxidase AB conc" 8.6 U/ml(<34.0). .will be filed as 8.6 U/ mL . . Any help will be much appreaciated had my ferritin last week it was 19

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I have already answered your latest thread. It is not a good idea to start threads then start a new one if no-one replies immediately. People have jobs, lives and have issues themselves so aren't always around to post quickly.

Also when someone asks you a question on one of your threads don't just ignore them and start a new thread.

The Admins and other posters do go through the forum regularly and post answers to threads with no replies.


The one with the full blood count is from last week the thyroid results are from tday I do understand people busy lives but all the threads were on with no replies and someone wrote that it was showing error that how I asked second time sorry if I confused you thanks for taking time to reply


Ps I haven't seen anyone ask me anything and I do check my emails daily will look now


Those results look OK, but without FT3 you can't tell if you are converting well. With such a low ferritin I doubt that you are converting well. Low ferritin, and low B12 and folate can give many of the same symptoms as hypo.


Hi thanks for reply been to doctors again more bloods done but won't do the FT3 still feel awful


So are you supplementing ferritin, B12 and folate now?

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Hi I've had more bloods today ferritin was only 19 so that's being supplemented and I've had a vitamin and mineral bloods tday thanks for the reply


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