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Hypo and Menopause certainly seem to have an impact

Most women of a certain age seem to gain weight due to hormone and metabolism changes its a pain! I certainly did, that was before I had RAI and became hypo after being hyper on and off for many years.

New endo I've recently seen is considering T3 Liothyronine when I see him again in 6 months time. I mentioned a blood test for the T3 element but his comment was that it's an unreliable test is that doctors speak for ' The NHS don't like paying for it'?

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My endo tests for T3 without any qualms so obviously he accepts there is some use for it 8-) The laboratory on the other hand has different ideas .... and NHS certainly does a lot to avoid paying for anything that might give you a better picture of your health so you do not get any ideas above your station as a patient 8-\


Hi samara thanks for your reply think you are right they like to keep us in our place! Thing is do I insist on endo doing t3 test or maybe it would just be better to get a private blood test done. You can tell straight away from their reactIon you've asked a question that's saying hang on a minute I know a bit more than you'd like me too!

Hope you're having a good day and thanks again for your reply x


And that's not on - no silly questions (we cannot answer!) allowed. The situation is: if you want to have things done you do it yourself i.e. test privately although you can see how far you can push the system and nag your endo to insist on T3 testing. Still no guarantee they will do it though the hospital lab does it for my endo but not for my GP (GPs apparently now allowed to know anything more than consultants could). What I found is that the more I know about why things should be done and am able to have a facts based conversation with my endo the more he listens and responds though he is not really treating me anyway as levo and I do not really mix 8-)

Hashimoto's and menopause together are a potent and challenging mixture. I have certainly relied a lot more on my kinesiologist and other complementary practitioners so far but I have now been to Marion Gluck clinic in London for some bio-identical hormones as my menopausal ? symptoms were quite severe and they also tested for thyroid and mentioned a potential T3 or T3/T4 therapy as well. I will see how my hormones respond first as they might stabilise thyroid more and then we'll see. But it is purely private and the approach is very much different from the beginning. You do not get 45 minutes consultations with in depth life history/symptoms based treatment on NHS to start with!

Wishing you sunshine that we are having today! x


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