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Overmedicated Hypo, periods and early menopause


A follow up for my sister, I can't find this info with my usual google-skills, so I hoped one of our experts may know...

My sisters tsh is low - out of range and her t4 high. She hasn't had t3 tested (sorry I don't have the exact numbers to hand but I don't think it's critical for this question) She otherwise feels well. She's lost quite a bit of weight, but no other hyper symptoms.

Her periods stopped about 6 months ago, she's 39.

So I know that being overmedicated can cause periods to stop, but would this also result in reproductive hormones (fsh and lh) looking like a menopause? She's had an ultrasound scan which reveals shrivelled ovaries and womb too.

So I can see why the GP will be looking at menopause and offering HRT, but I'm afraid I don't trust the GP to look beyond the obvious and end up treating a symptom rather than another problem.

So your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks x

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Malnutrition can result in early menopause. I have no idea about your sister but it is something to consider. One of my friends went vegetarian for many years and ended up with no periods. They came back after she changed her diet and also added a bit of zinc supplement. She's still got her periods now regularly.

The fact her doctor is willing to prescribe HRT is a plus. Early menopause results in osteoporosis.

Thanks. What I’m confused about is whether a shrivelled womb and ovaries with blood tests that show menopause (along with no periods) can be caused by poor nutrition/over medication etc and can be reversed or is that it?

Hi there, I’m in a similar position myself. One doctor is saying early menopause (one FSH of 40, LH 26, oestrogen 140-but this was just after birth control to shrink cyst). I went private for a second opinion and that doctor has said menopause is difficult to diagnose. It could be peri-menopause/menopause, stress (I was in the middle of natural ivf as I have diminished ovarian reserve but had 2 cancelled cycles due to cysts) or over-medicated with levothyroxine. My TSH was 0.26 and I have lost over a stone. I dropped my dose from 75mcg to 50 mcg 2 weeks ago and am awaiting tests in 2 weeks. Last week I had a failed ovulation and I haven’t had a period since June 😞.

I’d be interested to know what happens with your sister or if anyone has any suggestions for what to do next?

Hi I really feel for you having to deal with all this and ivf. 🙁

My sis doesn’t really have any answers yet. GP is sympathetic but clearly not got the right expertise. She’s awaiting a consultation with an endo who has specialist interest in both Thyroid and gyne hormones. She’s found her by looking at all the profile biogs on the local private hospitals. She’s lucky to have some private cover with work, but I did a similar exercise looking for my endo and asked my GP for a referral to that individual. Good luck x

I’ve begged my doctors to send me to an endocrinologist for years but no joy. I am planning to go private. I’m based in Leeds but willing to travel if you can make a recommendation 🙂

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