Is stomach bloating at certain times in cycle a hypo symptom?

Hi everyone

Just wondered if stomach bloating is a symptom of Hypo. I am finding that especially in relation to my cycle my stomach seems to swell and balloon to massive proportions. It doesn't seem to relate to what I have eaten either. It has swollen the last couple of days but next week it will go flatter until around ovulation. Is this likely to be hypo or perimenopause as I am 45?

Did anyone experience this when Hypo but found it was better when medicated optimally? It's driving me mad!!

Thanks for any help

CA x

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  • CarolineAnn, bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhoea are often hypo symptoms but it sounds as if the symptoms are hormone related as they come and go according to your cycle.

    You could try cutting out gluten to see whether it improves your symptoms.

  • Yes definately hormone related. I am seriously thinking of going gluten free. We have been talking about this a lot lately as a family. We just have to get serious about it I guess!

  • Hi carolineann. You are describing my symptoms before i was optimally medicated. I was so bloated and in pain i could not stand up straight often around the time of my very frequent periods.

    Now i am optimal i do not get this at all. How is your menstrual cycle?

  • Hi

    I seem to get it for about three to four days on day 5 and around ovulation. Feels like my ribs are going to break with all the pressure. I've had scans to check everything is ok. My periods are comming every 19 days now.

    It's incredibly strange. Today I had eaten nothing and then had some cucumber slices. My belly swelled up afterwards. I feel so uncomfortable. I want to take it off. In a few days it will go. I do have two small fibroids, could it be that I wonder?

    I'm glad to hear that you do not suffer from this now that you are optimal.

    CA x

  • Hi. When you are describing how you feel, it seems as if your problem is so-so extremely close to mine that I had. No meds helped. I tried Fennel tea, it helped a bit, but the major difference was made by going gluten-free. In just as little as 2 weeks I felt much better.

  • Cucumber does not agree with loads of people especially if you are in a rush to eat it ie dinner hour at work.

  • Inna, that's interesting that it didn't go on meds but with GF. I did GF last year half heartedly. I remember that I had more energy. I guess I really should try it properly.

    Thanks for your reply

    CA x

  • Dairy, and bread can cause this and you don't have to be Hypo to experience this around that time of month. Just try cutting out or down on them and see what happens. Hormones I am afraid. I know of loads of women who experience the same thing.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. It does seem to be common around these times. I am wondering if being hypo makes it worse. Digestion just seems to stop. The feeling is so uncomfortable- I don't remember eating that baby hippo that seems lodged under my rib lol

    Best wishes

    CA x

  • I find that my belly is contsantly bloated. it gets worse as I near my period but going mostly gluten free has helped. I find I cant tolerate stress. I also cannot eat white carbs. I eat rye bread which is ok. dairy is bad too for me. I drink almond milk. I thought I had ibs for years but I think its related to thyroid and/or hormones. If I wear tight clothes or hold in pants etc my belly is in agony.

    No wonder I am single a bloated, tired, fatty! :D

  • I feel the same way, I'm trying to figure out why I'm so bloated I look pregnant all the time, what's weird is I don't eat much and I just keep gaining weight, I have always been pretty thin unless having kids, but in the last 1 years I have gained over 50 IBS, I don't know how and I work and sleep depression has set in cause I have no clothes that fit me and I'm so bloated I can't suck it in at all. Ok feel horrible all the time like I'm so full I can't breathe and I swear non stop. I haven't been diagnosed but intend to go to see a doctor I have had enough, I just want to go bk to normal. I have 3 kids and I'm exhausted , they need me, anyone relate to this I could really use help n support, Idont have any support here, answers would be so nice too.

  • I have found the following has eased my symptoms:

    Natural thyroid

    Ashwanganda powder

    Vitabiotics brain function plus

    Vitamin d3

    Probiotic ( bowel calm by clever cultures)

    No dairy or gluten, no high sugar carbs

    I left my high stress job and changed to a less stressful job (less money but worth it!)

    I still get wind and diarrhoea sometimes but I would say I've reduced it by 70 %

    Hope this helps obviously this is my experience not medical advice always run any changes past a health professional first

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