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Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with mild to moderate Graves 2 months ago. I’ve been treated for 2 months with 10-15 mg of Methimazole and 25mg atenenol. My tests are in range now and I have no Graves symptoms except rough, dry patches on my cheeks, and chin. Also some muscle aches.

Isn’t dry skin a symptom of being hypo, not hyper? Have any of you experienced this and what did you use on your face for it. My endo doesn’t want to reduce the meds yet. Could I go hypo if I stay on the MethimIzole? I started taking L-carnitine about a month ago and my TSH jumped from 0.02 to 3.66. I

I just typed all my test info into what I thought was my profile and it disappeared. I will try again tomorrow!

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Was that diagnosis based on a positive Grave's antibody test? Or just a low TSH?


yes I had TSI 267 (122%)

had TPO 16.2 (0.09)

now my TPO is 26.5


at time of diagnosis my TSH was 0.01


So, it would seem you have Hashi's and Graves at the same time. Did your endo mention that?


no. she wants me to continue on the methimizole 15 mg for another month. two months ago the T3 and T4 levels were somewhat high, above range and the TSH was low. Before I was diagnosed it seems I might have had low thyroid from reading about those symptoms. Could the l-carnitine have jumped my TSH that much in a month? I haven't talked to her about the latest labs directly, the PA called me about them. have a call in to her now. My mom had Graves in the 40's and had an awful time. had RIA, then thyroidectomy. If I have both hyper and hypof how is it treated?


she didn't mention the TPO antibodies at all


I have Graves' disease .. tho Euthyroid now .. dry skin shredding nails , nails and hair falling out ... all typical Thyroid problem symptoms ... there are no rules with Thyroid .. when it's wonky we all get the symptoms in varying degrees .. and must find ways to deal with it

Vitamin D3 of course, is a great help as are many others ..



.....As for the skin ... the best thing I found and I tried many ...was the best , pure, raw coconut oil ...

On face hands, nails ... it's wonderful particularly at bedtime ...

And I have 2 teaspoons of it each morning ..



Thank you Madge for the help. I tried the coconut on my face and it seems to help. It is so depressing Now it seems I’ve switched back to hypo symptoms but still have some hyper symptoms also. Endo no help. Trying to educate myself.


Hey ...Mstiles

good for you ... just keep on going , it won't take long and you'll be just fine ..

Just you tell us all how we can help and we WILL

when you learn how relax and you replace all that has been taken from your body .. you will feel much better again

Did you know that D3

Magnesium , Zinc , B12

And vitamin E

All help with nails bones skin

There are more .. many more and it's fascinating finding them ..

Take care Luvvie

Luv mx🌹


Thank you Madge for the cheer!

Yes I’m somewhat familiar with those supplements. I will try to have some comprehensive testing done by my GP. I had vitamin D and ferratin tested which are low but haven’t asked My endo to do this, she thinks vitamins aren’t important and don’t do anything.



supplements build your immune system again and make your Immune system basically leave your Thyriud Gland in peace ...

replacing all that Graves' disease had robbed it of

I've just done that to become Euthyroid .. and so have many on here .. tell her that !

And see her colour change

It's been tried and tested ...

Many thyroid patients are low VERY LOW in B12 Magnesium and D3

And it MUST be REPLACED for us to get back to optimum Thyroid levels ....


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Thanks Madge.

I’ll look for some studies to support supplements. My GP seems more open to doing tests

My issue now is going too low, on the borderlines of the range. I’ll post my labs soon. I’m confused about where my numbers should be. I’ve got both TPO and TSI antibodies.

Should I post my test info in my profile or start a new discussion with them. Not a digital ace!


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