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Does anyone have a clicking jaw that seems to worsen with hypo symptoms?


Hi everyone

I've had a clicking jaw since my thyroid's been wrong - for over 10 years - I'm 34 now. I've noticed lots of my hypo symptoms worsening recently, as is my clicking jaw to the extent it gets stuck and I can't open my mouth unless I wiggle it around. The clicking is now on both sides also. I'm pretty sure I don't grind my teeth in the night as there was a point in time I was doing that and I'd wake myself up doing it. I have been pretty stressed lately though. Just wondering if anyone else has this and if you think it could be thyroid related?

Thanks everyone x

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I've had this for years way before being diagnosed with graves. Not sure if it's related though.

Hi Charlie3055

You've just made me realise that yes, I used to have a clicking jaw - for years, quite noticeable when I ate certain foods that needed vigorous chewing and then I have been diagnosed (Hashimoto's) at the beginning of last year. It doesn't click anymore. Not quite sure, however, when the clicking stopped.

At one point my jaw got really painful and my GP advised that I speak to my dentist about the whole grinding teeth thing. I really didn't like the idea of having anything in my mouth at night as I have problems sleeping anyway (they recommend some sort of guard in your mouth to stop you grinding your teeth). I was adamant that I didn't grind my teeth. But guess what, a couple of times since then I woke up and I was grinding my teeth.

In the end I saw an osteopath. I think that you can carry a lot of tension in your jaw without realising it. For me, it was possibly a sign that I wasn't in a good place (stressed/anxious).

I had tmj problems last week:

I agree with MacG, seeing anl osteopath or chiropractor is a good place to start with a clicking jaw. I've had mine corrected this way. It's often related to tension in the jaw muscles. Are you getting enough magnesium? Magnesium deficiency is common, especially in people with low energy. It not only helps the mitochondria make energy but is also a muscle relaxant. Cramping, muscular tension, poor sleep and anxiety can be signs of needing magnesium :-)


My first ever consultant appointment was for this - a long time ago.

He was quick direct and helpful. Simple exercises resolved it for me and no obvious thyroid involvement.


Thanks for your replies everyone, very interesting. I'm going to look at the magnesium - Dr P said I should be taking it anyway so I really should follow his advice!


I've had a clicking jaw for years that never bothered me but it did my family when they could hear me eat. My clicking jaw disappeared when I had a partial thyroidectomy to remove thyroid cancer last year. However, it has started again and I think it's linked to my hypothyroid symptoms now.

That's very interesting, my Mum also had a terrible clicking jaw when her thyroid levels were out - every time she kissed my cheek, or vice versa, there would be a huge 'click' - I'm thinking more and more it's thyroid related.

I first got my underactive thyriod due to dental treatment going wrong and broken silver fillings left in under root treatment! I went step further n sent away hair to mind body therapy. The g.p laughed at her results but the dentist took exray straight away n sure enough mercury was running riot broken up in my mouth ! Also this was two year ago and the n.h.s it's hard enough get a g.p to agree its thyriod symtoms when they so out of date ! Back point befor my frustration at the whole let down nod not knowing where to turn ! I went to dentist and explained that your jaw bone is the strongest bone in your body. She took a in print and had get shield to wear at night ! Saying this I've took so un well again 34 three beauty full kids and I couldn't get to dentist or even feel confident going into dentist. The mind body therapy didn't know any these problems and that my bowels not moved since Christmas hair freezing Hands feet ! But usual you want something done do it your self. Her findings wear to say least surprising that she knew that my adrenals are suppressed exhausted also allergy test which aware of but she saw that I have neck n jaw problems and advises see chiropractor for the the thyriod came up 100 per cent which means problem but she can see that due to my neck jaw n head all being naught s n tight and she knew nothing of the grinding in my sleep! But felt that this problems with jaw neck can all cause extra strain on thyriod gland work right! Sorry got bit lost there ! I m so sick of Nhs. Dose anyone know or heard dr David Clark who is a neurologist endo , ciropracter , and deals with lots autoimmunity problems dose anyone know of a doctor in u.k or europe as for getting to states is impossible! Also can anyone relate to any opiot such buprenophine causing interaction with thyriod meds! I would get to u dentist n explain pain on jaw and fact you aware you grinding is good for I was un aware doing in sleep ! They make u a mouth gard which is not very comfortable but it helps! For I still have two silver fillings in and when you grind you release mercury into blood stram which no matter what u g.p or Nhs endo says causes havoc on thyriod! I went mental when my thyriod dropped to under in 2012 they had me up 225 levo I hot worse n worse n bloods did never change! I fought them yo take of another medicin they wanted to maintain me on soon I got day 14 of the withdrawal from pain medicin I went over active n reduced imedietly to 50. Things were looking up from summer till November. N slowly I m I'll again ! It's so bad that there no doctor that willing look outside box treat as invidiual and look whole picture can I ask has anyone had array 5 test done or knowes dr who dose this for to rule out autoimmune this test needed done ! It test 20 separate tissues or organs in you body to see if there maybe an attack on one of them ! Has anyone delt with dr David Clark NC over Skype. Just wish could find doctor such as dr skinner R.I.P or a dr Clark in u.k ? My kids need there mum back! I feel they treating my as if I'm mental n that's what done to me when first diagnosed straight phycatrist ward! Belive me I think I'd rather been mentaly unstable it wAs horrific! But my problems all kicked off same time dental work went wrong. I get down there get mouth guard for night n if can afford go see osteopath or chiropractor who will put all back in line ! Which I could take my own advice been so low with this whole shipped puller to post dr not listening ! Also has anyone ever seen pink coloured T3 tablets purchased online and worried there pink ! All best ome joe rising ! Please is anyone got a good hormone dr or thyriod dr that is up to date with the reason is no one tells us there 24 reasons a thyriod can not be working with levothyroxin! I'm so disgusted with Nhs. I feel I'm at wits end I actually feel I'm worthless n don't know where what to turn! Now low cortisol. Sorry going off tract !

Sorry you've had such a tough time Mojoerising and thank you for your reply. I think you should copy and paste your questions in as your own questions as they will probably get missed on this thread. Wishing you the best of luck - the knowledge of people on this site is amazing so if you post your blood results etc then I'm sure someone can advise.

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