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Morning all, does anyone know if it's possible to get this anywhere without a perscription? I am trying to follow my endos advice but I am a step or 2 ahead of him. He agreed to perscribe NDT if I didn't get along with the t3/t4 combo that he perscribed on my last visit. I was already taking this, self sourced t3. As I was feeling rubbish and my hair loss was really getting to me. So I moved to NDT, thyroid-s, before he gave the ok - again because i wasn't feeling right and it gave me an itchy scalp which i couldn't cope with. I have now retrospectively emailed him and he has agreed the move to NDT. He has however perscribed a slightly lower dose than I am on and obviously a different brand. 1 3/4 grains of nature-throid once daily. I'm currently taking 2 grains of thyroid-s split twice daily. I choose this dose as it was a direct conversion from the t3/t4 dose. So I suppose what I would like to do is get nature-throid not on a script so that I am not restricted to taking the dose he had perscribed. He is also asking me to delay my bloods by 6 weeks due to this change but I wanted to get my blood done in 2 weeks to see where I am as I think I could possibly handle another half a grain. I still have aches and pains through my body and although the hair loss seems to have slowed its still a little bit more than it should be. He wants me to also get refered to a rheumatologist to investigate the aches and pains. I really don't want unnecessary effort/mis-diagnosis if this will sort itself out with a little more NDT.

I am taking a whole host of vitamins; d, b-12, evening primrose, slow release c, some red wine extract thing (I'd rather drink it tbh), omega 3 and nutri women's multi vit.

Sorry long old post, but appreciate any advise


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Are you a bunch of numbers or are you a person? I would go for the NDT but tell the doctor what you are on and get him to write a prescription for it.


Thanks Glynisrose. These docs are a nightmare. I will do this at my next appointments just not keen on putting my bad patient behaviour in writing to him. Face to face is always better


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