Vitamins (again)

I'm trying to do some research about when and what vits and minerals to take. Just come across an article that says:

Diabetes. One study found that people who took 200 micrograms a day of selenium were 50% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. So far, it's unknown if the selenium actually caused the disease. Discuss the risk with your doctor.


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  • This is from Medichecks site:

    However, exposure to high levels can cause adverse health effects. Short-term oral exposure to high concentrations of selenium may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Chronic oral exposure to high concentrations of selenium compounds can produce a disease called selenosis. The major signs of selenosis are hair loss, nail brittleness, and neurological abnormalities (such as numbness and other odd sensations in the extremities).

  • check your levels before you supplement. I did a couple of months ago and my Selenium was over range and I wasn't supplementing

  • Where did you get your check from?

  • Blue Horizon

  • I want a full vitamin check, do you know of any?

  • I did a Google search for "selenium diabetes" and found roughly equal numbers of "selenium prevents diabetes type 2" and "selenium causes diabetes type 2" in the first few pages.

    I did the same search in Google Scholar and found similar results.

    I looked at this paper (just an abstract) - a meta analysis

    and they found no connection between the two things. On that basis they said there was no justification for supplementing with selenium to prevent diabetes type 2.

    My first impression (so with more reading I might change my mind!) is that the result the researchers got depended on where they came from. In the US, in a well-nourished population which has ample selenium there was a possibility that taking extra selenium was bad for people. In other countries, perhaps a bit less well-nourished or with lower levels of selenium taking supplements may have been beneficial.

    Perhaps it is another mineral that needs to be supplemented only if there is a proven deficiency, or where selenium deficiency is a known problem. But I'm hedging my bets in every way I possibly can and people will have to make their own minds up! :D

  • So far I've made most of my supplementation decisions from conversations and recommendations on here ( and the fact I had low B12 and D deficiency) I'm trying to do the best I can so I don't end up in as poorly a state as some seem to be. 😟 So ideally I want to get all my vits and minerals tested and go from there. There seems to be so much conflicting info out there. 😐

  • That's all anyone can do. I would love to be able to afford full mineral and vitamin testing, but I can't. So I just do the best I can.

  • I've always been fearful of becoming diabetic due to my sugar addiction!

  • Oh, me too! But I do pay for testing which includes either a fasting glucose test or an HbA1C every so often, and so far at least my pancreas is still coping.

  • I'll have a google for those!

  • I am wondering that my cause of significant hair loss is due to having too much selenium. Will have to check my numbers. I started noticing a real change in the status of my hair with in the last 6/8 months and have been taking selenium since Aug/Sept of last year. Will certainly stop taking it!

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