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Normal TSH levels but have 5 nodules terrified

Was diagnosed with rectal cancer March 03/2016 had surgery April 22nd 2016 the doctor was fabulous he took 26 nodes and all came back negative I've had a CT scan as well as an MRI with contrast a chest X-ray and an ultra sound of kidney and liver now here's the kicker went to see doctor for my 6 week post op checkup and he tells me they saw a nodule I swear he said one nodule and wanted me to go for an ultrasound so I set it up missed the first apt my bad booked another went and had it done the ultra sound was for my thyroid in the mean time my blood work on Sept 02 2016 shows a normal range so I thought great not so much had more blood work done as the ultrasound shows now 5 nodules the second set of blood work was also normal range and now comes the part where I'm freaking out I've read that often ( most ) it is cancer if your lab results are normal and there are nodules also mine are solid nodules and it also states cancer nodules are solid form I'm a single mother with three children and I'm very very scared as I was very fortunate to have my rectal cancer go as well as it did I'm feeling I got off easy and this time I won't be as lucky I know that sounds terrible but I'm freaking out the doctor is sending me for a biopsy does anyone have any information that would help or has anyone been through similar situations with normal blood results but nodules and been ok also the only other thing is my throat hurts sometimes when I talk to much and I get tired easy and hate the cold can't stand it thank you for letting me rant all I've been doing is searching things and crying a lot as I tend to think the worst

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Oh dear, i can understand your being scared, but fortunately, everything you have has been discovered and so can be dealt with before any damage is done. There are many people on here who have had thyroid cancer and been treated. I'm Sure one of them will be along to answer your queries.

In the meantime you could look at the website attached to this forum for more info. Its

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I recently researched iodine deficiency and came across an interesting video. Dr. Group stated that one symptom of iodine deficiency is thyroid nodules. I since purchased his Detoxadine product and feel better after a few days of taking a few drops a day.


No-one, nodules or not, should take iodine unless they have been tested and found deficient.

It's not surprising that you felt better after a few days taking the iodine, because it stimulates the gland to make more hormone. But, it will not last. Stimulating a sick gland will only cause it to burn out more quickly - I bet Dr Group didn't mention that, did he! Also, an excess of iodine can cause all sorts of problems - more is not better. If you are taking thyroid hormone replacement, you are already getting extra iodine, so adding more on top is not recommended. :)


Even if it is thyroid cancer it is one type of cancer that is very treatable. The worst that can happen is that they remove your thyroid and give you Levothyroxine for the rest of your life, which is what most of us on this forum are taking. Good luck and keep posting on here. There are lots of people who can offer advice.


eeng. I had my thyroid gland removed on 24th August as 1 large and 2 small growths. I did not have a biopsy first as my gland was not working properly and had to come out anyway. Two out of the three growths turned out to be malignant, but there was no spread to my lymph nodes. Please try not to worry. I was only in hospital 24 hours and the surgery was just a bit uncomfortable, not painful, and the only side effect is a hoarse voice, which will come back in time. I was amazed that I felt fine within a couple of days of surgery, albeit a little tired as I adjusted to taking Levothyroxine 100mg. I will be going to the Hospital to have Radioactive Iodine Treatment at some point,, but again, people tell me you just have to swallow a tablet and the treatment isn't too bad at all apart from tiredness. Good luck with your tests and try to focus on the fact that Thyroid Cancer is one of the most treatable cancers there is.


A large percentage of the population have nodules on their gland, with no thyroid problems at all. However, you could be hypo. Just being in normal range means nothing. Why not post your blood results on here and let us have a look?


Hi Scared45

I completely empathise, it is scary. I have lots of lumps on my thyroid too & my largest one is solid, as are some of the others. I also have been told my thyroid function is normal. I am tired & my throat is sore, amongst other things. Im sorry I cant offer any advice as this is all new to me but what I will say is try to keep distracting yourself to keep the stress at bay. You will most probably have a FNA biopsy if they think the lump(s) are suspicious after an ultrasound scan.

Best wishes to you x


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